Diamond, Paul: Mister Humble and Friends, Impromptu Magic
©1988ca Paul Diamond
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 28 pages
Paul Diamond: Mister Humble and Friends Impromptu
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Comments: Brent Gregory was the assistant manager at Paul's shop.

Contents (from book):

2 Clorox Chink-A-Chink: an idea
2 No Palm Card to Wallet (Brent Gregory): use any wallet, uses a gimmicked card
3 Impromptu Rising Cards (Bill Severn & Peter Biro, Magic Limited): cards are sealed in an envelope and deck pierced with a pencil, and the selected cards rise
6 The Idiot Rope Trick (Bob Lewis, Magic Inc.): comedy rope stunt
8 A Salt Routine: using a Hank Ball for a salt pour
10 Signed Card From Pocket (Dave Rumfeld): described completely in cartoons, no text!
12 Diamond Aces: Ace routine
15 Magnetic Sympathetic Coins (Rev. Bill Baker): requires a magnetic copper/silver coin, English Penny, and 2 American half dollars
18 Needle Balloon: some history and ideas for this commercial product
20 Okito Box Move (Marshall Weinstein): to vanish a coin from the box
21 Dice Stacking (Paul Diamond & Rev. Bill Baker): basic instruction
22 Thumb Tip Pass: to show both hands empty, another cartoon illustrated effect
23 Bill Switch: for a flash bill
24 Expanding Bill (Brent Gregory): a regular dollar to a stage dollar in an instant
25 Magic Ring Puzzle: Ring and Spring with a new twist
26 Jumbo Coin Appearance: small coin to large one
27 Vanishing Cigarette (Brent Gregory): with a TT