Dick & Fitzgerald (pub): The Parlor Magician
or 100 Tricks for the Drawing Room
©1860 Dick & Fitzgerald, NY
Hardcover, 129 pages plus catalog
The Parlor Magician
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Dick & Fitzgerald: The Parlor Magician



3 The Parlor Magician Part I
3 Preliminary Observation
3 Palming Coin
4 The Magic Coin: sleeving
5 To Untie a Double Knot Without Touching: handkerchief
6 Knocking the Head Against a Door: gag
7 To Bring Two Separate Coins Into One Hand
8 The Dancing Quarter: in glass
9 The Invisible Coin
10 The Magic Handkerchief: vanishes a coin
13 How to Make a Coin Stick Against the Wall
13 The Knife in the Decanter
14 The Dancing Egg
16 The Disappearing Dime
17 The Melting Coin
19 The Quarter Eagle Coin in the Wine-Glass
20 The Balls Passing Under a Plate
22 The Coffee Cups: as above but with cups
23 The Dice: changes spots
26 The Blindfold Sorcerer: with dice
27 Blind-Man's Buff With Dominoes
28 The Domino Oracle
30 Dominoes Seen and Counted Through All Obstacles
31 To Guess The Two Ends of a Line of Dominoes
32 A Droll Drawing Room Trick: a gag
32 The Needle and Thread Trick
33 The Thumb and String Trick
34 To Pull a String Through Your Button-Hole
35 To Cause a Dime to Appear in a Glass
36 The String and the Stick
37 How to Strike the Knuckles Without Hurting Them: stunt
38 Deceptive Vision: physical stunt
38 The Magic Bond: string penetrates hand
40 To Swallow a Barber's Pole: actually the opposite, removing a pole from the mouth
41 The Hat and the Quarter Trick: stunt
42 Conjuring a Ring: finger ring
43 Magic Money
44 The Vanishing Dime
44 The String and Corals
46 The Twenty Cent Trick
47 The Book and Key Oracle: a key turns in a book
48 To Make a Dime Pass Through a Table
49 The Restored Ribbon
49 To Remove a Key From a Double String Which is Held in a Person's Two Hands, Without His Being Able to Prevent It
51 To Eat a Peck of Paper Shavings and Convert Them Into a Ribbon
52 To Make a Dime Vanish
53 The Wonderful Hat: gag
53 The Magnetized Cane: using IT
54 An Amusing Trick for the Drawing Room and a Good Subject for a Wager: gag
55 To Lift Three Matches With One: stunt
55 The Old Man and His Chair: string figure story
60 The Interlaced Fingers: another
62 The Confederate Coin: doubles in value
62 The Disentangled Scissors: scissors removed from string
63 How to Drop a Tumbler on the Floor Without Breaking It
64 The String and Nose Trick
65 The Magical Knot: in handkerchief
66 The Dagger Sleight, or How to Make Three Wafers Vanish and Reappear Again: paddle move
67 The Mysterious Release: string trick
69 The Separated Corks
71 The Ribbon Released
72 The Handcuffs: with string
74 The Vanished Pencil: lapping
75 How to Pass a Thread Through the Eye of a Needle Several Times
76 Post and String Trick
77 The Pirate and the Yankee Sailors, a Nautical Trick: rope puzzle
80 The Thumb-String
81 The Magical Metamorphosis: card trick
82 The Double Half-Hitch Trick

85 Part II Tricks In Which Magic Performed by the Aid of Ingenious Contrivance and Simple Apparatus
85 The Pepper-box Trick
86 The Celebrated Nut Trick
88 The Bag of Eggs: egg bag
90 A Handkerchief Marked, Cut, Torn and Mended
91 A Watch Pounded in a Mortar
92 The Box of Eggs or Balls: on the Egg Cup
93 The Boomerang: of cardboard
94 An Old Style Quarter Changed Into a Cent and Vice Versa
95 To Pierce an Arm With a Knife Without Injuring One's Self
96 Magic Boxes: nested boxes
97 The Boxes of Millet
99 The Manner of Making a Ring Change Hands and Pass On to Any Finger You Please of the Opposite Hand
100 A Pass Trick With a Die and Counters: a "stack of counters" trick
103 To Pass Six Cents Through a Table: with a "stack of coins" gimmick
105 Mysterious Coin, or How to Make Cents Pass Through a Wine Glass, a China Plate, a Table, and Fall Into the Hand
106 The Glass of Claret Changed Into a Shower of Rose Leaves
107 The Cone, or Skittle: passes through a table
109 Pile or Cone, a Much More Amusing Game Than That of Heads or Tails
110 The Magic Salver: or money multiplying plate
110 How Two and Two Make Eight: coins
112 To Change a Dime To a Quarter: paper fold
113 The Ring and the Handkerchief
114 The Miniature Taglioni: small figure dances
115 The Pigeon's Nest: animal production from a drawer-box
117 The Inseparable Sticks; or The Cut Strings Restored
119 The Feather Trick Explained:
120 To Make a String Appear Black and White Alternately
120 To Pass a Quarter Into a Ball of Worsted
121 Eatable Candle-Ends
122 The Burned Handkerchief Restored
122 The Magic Cups: birdseed transposes between two cups
123 The Wizard's Chain: a VERY brief explanation of the Linking Rings
124 The Goldfish in a Vase of Ink
127 Dick & Fitzgerald, Publishers: catalog of books