Tom Dobrowolski: Arizona 2021 Notes
Dobrowolski, Tom: Arizona 2021 Notes
©2021 Tom Dobrowolski

Tom Dobrowolski: Arizona 2021 Note
Image courtesy Tom Dobrowolksi

Comments: These notes are from an online lecture Tom did for a group of magicians in Arizona. It's a selection of items from several different notes and The Disclaimer. Available from Tom's website linked above.

Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Extended Shock: from The Disclaimer Issue #3
2 DCD: card sleight with routines, from First Find a Layman.
3 My Favorite Opener: A lot of fun with 2 selected cards, kind of a transposition with a truly magical surprise ending; from First Find a Layman
4 Stop Me If I Told You This Before: from The Retirement Notes
5 Ryan’s Twins: from the This Will Kill Ya The Magic of James Patrick Ryan Notes
6 Where’d I Leave That?: from The Retirement Notes
7 Hana Ho Card: from the Tom and His Merry Men Notes