Douglas, Bert: Club Magic
©1930 Edward Bagshawe & Co., London
Hardcover, 6x9", 85 pages
Club Magic
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Club Magic
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Bert Douglas: Club Magic

Comments: "A revised edition of the author's writings in the Linking Ring. Newly illustrated throughout by Sid Lorraine."

Contents: (descriptions added Nov 2018)

3 Introduction
5 A Magical Attache Case: a briefcase with a built-in black art top
7 An Alarming Trick: vanishing alarm clock using black art table
9 The Newspaper Table: a clever portable table that fits over a chair back
10 The Visiting Mason: a vanished silk is found tied between two others, with patter
13 A Phony Card Trick (Wilford Hutchinson): spectator announces unknown card selection by picking up the phone
16 The Masonic Apron: silks passed through a cardboard tube change color and form into a flag
19 Necktie Necromancy: one tie ties itself, another vanishes to be found tied around a collar
22 Expert Card Manipulations: a manipulative card routine with 6 cards and a handkerchief
24 The Magic Skipping Rope: cut and restored
27 The Coin Jardiniere: Miser's Dream coin production with details of making the coin pail
31 A Card Trick Without a Card: tobacco forms into the shape of a card written on a chosen paper pellet
33 A Comedy Coin Conception: series of coin effects with a patter-story of A Cashier, a Crook and Cash
37 Poached Egg on Toast: bread turns to toast, then an egg vanishes and a poached egg is found between the bread
41 The Repeating Vanishing Cigarette: lit cigarette vanishes multiple times and changes to a cigar butt
45 Mephisto's Cigarette: another version with different approach and patter
48 The Note and the Orange: borrowed bank note is shot from a pistol into an Orange
49 An Imaginary Smoke: an imaginary lighting of a pipe becomes real
52 Masonic Apron Improved: silk changes to Masonic apron as passed through the hand
54 The Card in the Cigar: vanished card with torn corner is found in a cigar
58 The Magical Tobacconist: multiple cigarette and cigar production
61 Nicotine Necromancy: another version
66 A Barrel of Wine: a barrel of wine is drawn on a paper and real wine extracted
70 The Card Angler: three selected cards are fished from a hat
73 The Miracle 20 Card Trick: two chosen cards in one packet vanish and are found in another
78 The Spirit of Johnny Walker: a glass of paper shavings turns into a glass of liquid
82 My Ghost Card Trick: four cards are apparently not the card selection, but the last one finally is