Douglas, Bert: Original Magic for All
©1927 C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd.
Softcover, perfect-bound, 123 pages
Bert Douglas: Original Magic For All
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Original Magic For
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Bert Douglas: Original Magic for All

Comments: "A series of original magic problems requiring no special skill for their performance"


13 Introduction

19 Section I
19 Materializing Cigars
22 The Spirit and the Weed
26 The Phantom Fag
29 Cigar or Cigarette
31 The Four Briar Pipes
35 The Goldfish Bowl
39 A Phenomenal Camera
43 Spooky Billiards
46 Simplex Rising Cards
50 Choice Neckties
53 Imaginary Golf
56 The "Hole" Art of Golf

63 Section II
63 Magical Millinery
68 The Dream Hat
71 Passing Fashions
75 Patriotic Powder-Puffs
79 Chocolate-Box Mystery
83 The Pearl Mystery
87 The Enchanted Necklace
90 A N-Ice Fruit Dish
93 King of the Garter
96 Tested Eyeglasses
100 The Price of Vanity
104 Milady's Beauty Screen

111 Section III
111 How to Create New Magical Effects
112 Patter
113 Magical Dressings
115 Adapting
123 Concluding Remarks