Downs, Thomas Nelson: Modern Coin Manipulation, Illustrated
1900 Hamley Brothers, London
Hardcover, 244 pages

1999 Dover Publishing as Classic Coin Tricks

Downs: Modern Coin Manipulation
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Downs: Classic Coin Tricks
Image from Dover Publications

Comments: Later printed as "Tricks With Coins", and reprinted by Dover Publications as "Classic Coin Tricks"
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1 Chapter I: T. Nelson Downs, "King Of Koins"
1 An Appreciation And Outline Of His Career By W. J. H.

33 Chapter II: The Miser's Dream
33 Description Of The Act
35 Continuous Fron And Back Hand Palm
39 Latest Improvements In Connection With Same
45 Method Of Getting First Stack Of Coins Into Hat
49 The Apparent "Catching" Of The Coins
51 Passing Coin Through Bottom Of Hat
51 Passing Coin Through Side Of Hat
53 Coin Thrown In The Air And Invisibly Caught In Hat
53 Manner Of Getting A Second Load Into Hat
55 Method For Continuing The "Catching" After Second Load Is Exhausted
59 Production Of Any Number Of Coins At Finger Tips
63 To Pass A Coin Through The Knees
65 The "Elusive" Pass
69 New "Change Over Palm"
73 Downs' New "Click" Pass
75 Ten Coins Passing Into Tumbler
79 Downs' New "Fan" Pass
81 Downs' "Eureka" Pass
83 The "Turnover" With 40 Coins
87 Three Distinct Methods Of Palming Coins At The Same Time
89 To Palm And Make The Pass With 40 Coins
91 To Produce Same In A Shower From The Vest

95 Chapter III: A Series Of Absolutely New And Original Coin Vanishes And Passes
95 Methods For Causing The Disappearance Of One Coin
95 With The Aid Of A Piece Of Hair
99 Vanishing Coin From Handkerchief
101 Coin Vanish With The Aid Of The Vest
103 Disappearance f A Coin While Lying On The Table
104 Coin Vanish With The Aid Of The Outside Of Sleeve
105 Coin Vanish With The Aid Of The Trousers Pocket
106 Novel Pass With A Coin
107 New Back Palm Idea
108 The Sleeve Vanish
109 The Sleeve Vanish In Conjunction With Back Palm
110 The Coin And Tumbler
111 Novel Adaption Of The "Rattle Box" Idea
112 A Rapid Pass With Six Coins
113 Disappearing Pile Of Coins

115 Chapter IV: Miscellaneous Coin Tricks, Illusions, And Combinations
115 The Equilibrium Of Silver
117 To Pass 20 Coins From One Hand To The Other
120 Quadruple Coin
121 Gold Versus Silver
124 The Transmutation Of Metals
125 Vanishing Coins From Goblet
129 Multiplying Coins (Sleight-Of-Hand Method)
130 New Coin Production From Bare Hands
133 The Money-Producing Cigarette
135 The Coin Of Phoenix
137 New Money-Producing Card
139 The Marvelous Transit Of Coins
142 Novel Appearing Coin
143 The New Crystal Target
147 The Flying Coins
151 The "Downs" Goblet Of Mystery
153 The Mysterious Claret Glass
155 Magnetized Coins
157 The Demon Goblet
159 The Silver Question
162 Handkerchief As Money Producer
163 New Money-Producing Candle
166 The Dematerialization Of 30 Coins
168 Coin Passing Through A Table
169 The Crystal Coin Ladder
174 The Travelling Coin
177 The Sixteen To One Silver Trick
180 The Fusible Coins

187 Chapter V: Mechanical Devices For Performing "The Miser's Dream"
187 Coin With Wire Loop
189 Coin With Attachment For First Finger
191 Single Spider "Fake"
193 Single Spider "Fake" (Differently Constructed)
193 The "Hilliar" Coin Spider Fake
194 Coin Holders
196 New Coin Dropper For Hat
200 Coin Caught On Rim Of The Hat
202 Apparatus Enabling Performer To Easily Palm 50 Coins
204 New Vest Coin Dropper
205 New Vest Coin Dropper (Differently Constructed)

209 Chapter VI: Additional Coin Tricks
209 The Coin Of Mercury
213 The Coin Cornucopia
215 The Obedient Coins
217 The Coin And Paper Tube
219 An Old Trick Improved
221 A Good Coin Trick
222 To Tell Date On Borrowed Coin
223 Entirely New Pass With 25 Coins
224 The New Glass Coin Jar
228 The Winged Coin
230 New Coins And Die

235 Chapter VII
235 Koincluding Observations