T. Nelson Downs & William Hilliar (editor): Tricks With Coins
Downs, T. Nelson & William Hilliar (editor): Tricks With Coins
©1902 Frederick J. Drake & Co., Chicago, IL
Hardcover, w/dj, 164 pages plus ads

©1905; 1939 Wehman Bros., NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 84 pages

©1949 Max Stein, Chicago, IL
Softcover, perfect-bound 128 pages

Also published by Johnson Smith & Co., MI

Downs: Tricks With Coins
Frederick Drake 1902 Edition
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Nelson T. Downs: Tricks With Coins
Drake Edition
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Downs: Tricks With Coins - Wehman
Wehman Bros. Edition
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Comments: "Embracing every sleight and subtlety invented and known". A slightly later edition of Modern Coin Magic.
Also published as "Magic Coin Tricks Anyone Can Do" by Max Stein.


8 Preface

9 Chapter I The Miser's Dream
32 Production of Any Number of Coins at the Finger Tips
35 To Pass a Coin Through the Knees
36 The Illusive Pass
38 New Change Over Palm
39 Down’s New Click Pass
43 Down’s New Fan Pass
44 Down’s Eureka Pass
46 The Turnover with Forty Coins
49 Three Distinct Methods of Palming Coins at the Same Time
50 To Palm and Make the Pass with Forty Coins

53 Chapter II A Series of Absolutely New and Original Coin Vanishes and Passes
53 No. 1
54 No. 2
54 No. 3
55 No. 4
55 No. 5
56 No. 6
57 No. 7
57 No. 8
58 No. 9
58 No. 10
59 No. 11
60 A Novel Adaptation of the Rattle Box Idea
60 A Rapid Pass with Six Coins
62 Disappearing Pile of Coins

63 Chapter III Miscellaneous Coin Tricks, Illusions and Combinations
63 The Equilibrium of Silver
64 To Pass Twenty Coins From One Hand to the Other
66 Quadruple Coin
67 Gold Versus Silver
69 The Transmutation of Metals
71 Vanishing Coins From Goblet
73 Multiplying Coins - Sleight of Hand Method
74 New Coin Production from Bare Hands
75 The Money-Producing Cigarette
78 The Coin of Phoenix
79 New Money-Producing Card
81 The Marvelous Transit of Coins
83 Novel Appearing Coin
84 The New Crystal Target
87 The Flying Coins
90 The Downs Goblet of Mystery
91 The Mysterious Claret Glass
93 Magnetized Coins
95 The Demon Goblet
96 The Silver Question
99 Handkerchief as Money Producer
100 New Money-Producing Candle
102 The Dematerialization of Thirty Coins
104 Coin Passing Through a Table, etc.
105 The Crystal Coin Ladder
109 The Traveling Coin
112 The Sixteen to One Silver Trick
113 The Fusible Coins

119 Chapter IV Mechanical Devices for Performing The Miser’s Dream

137 Chapter V Additional Coin Tricks
137 The Coin of Mercury
139 The Coin Cornucopia
142 The Obedient Coins
142 The Coin and Paper Tube
144 An Old Trick Improved
146 A Good Coin Trick
146 To Tell Date on Borrowed Coin
147 Entirely New Pass with Twenty-Five Coins
148 The New Glass Coin Jar (Alfred McEwen)
151 The Winged Coin
153 New Coins and Die

157 Chapter VI Koincluding Observations