Jim Dracup: Magic That Gives an Upward Lift
Dracup, Rev. Jim: Magic That Gives an Upward Lift
©1986 Jim Dracup, The Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 136 pages
Dracup: Magic That Gives an Upward Lift
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Comments: Rev. Jim Dracup's second book in a trilogy of Gospel Magic. The others are Magic With and Upward Look and Magic that Points to the Upward Life. Provides gospel patter to use with standard props. In most cases details of the prop workings are not provided, i.e. you need to own the prop.
Available as an eBook from Abbott's Magic.

Contents (from book):

ii Introduction

1 Close Up Magic: gospel magic for various close-up effects
2 Ball Thru Bolt: theme A Hardened Heart
3 Color Changing Knives: theme Changing Times
4 Glass Penetration: prop is a card penetration frame; theme Just Passin Thru
5 The Imp Bottle: theme: Shirkers or Workers
6 In-N-Outer-Box: uses a Gozinta box; theme Salvation
7 Linking Pins: theme Bound by Sin
8 E.J. Moore's Linking Ropes: theme The Trinity
9 Multiplying Rabbits: theme Soul Winning
10 Nickels To Dimes: Theme Giving
11 Out to Lunch: business card trick; theme Going to Church
12 Lou Tannen's Salt-Go: theme Preserved Christians
13 Squash: prop vanishing shot glass; theme Knowledge Vs. Love

14 Illusions: gospel messages for various stage illusions
15 Aerial Suspension: Theme The Rapture
16 Burned Alive: theme Everlasting Fire
17 Cutting a Girl in Sixths: theme A Divided House
18 The Doll's House Illusion: live assistant production; theme The Christian Home
19 Abott's Frame of Life and Death: theme Life After Death
20 Sawing a Lady in Two: theme Separation from God
21 Abbott's Suckerette: dove to guinea pig box; theme The Impossible Change
22 Torturette: spikes thru arm illusion; theme God's Armour
23 The Vanishing Girl: theme What Is Life
24 Vanishing Radio: theme A New Song

25 A La Potpourri
26 Chinese Flame Clock: center of candle vanishes in a box; theme Missing Persons
27 Crystal Casket: silk appears in empty box; theme For Appearance Sake
28 Humpty Dumpty: platform effect; Theme Broken Pieces
29 La Paloma (Neil Foster): Dove, silk or balloon penetrated by metal plate; theme Powerhouse Theology
30 Lottery: Bank Nite or Just Chance routine; theme Making the Right Choice
31 Deluxe Brilliant Magic Lamp: uses Milk in Light Bulb & Milk Pitcher; theme Lights Out
32 Improved Parasol: mutilated parasol; theme Love at First Sight
33 Rice, Orange and Checkers: rice, orange and checkers transpose; theme Witnessing
34 Tear-Apart Vanish: box for vanishing doves; theme Newsworthy
35 Tricky Bottles: Topsy-Turvy Bottles; theme Blow Your Own Horn

36 Biblial Magic Routines: suggestions for combining effects for a full show
37 Routining: article
39 Aspects of Salvation: uses Blooming Bouquet; Hippity Hop Rabbits; Cut & Restored Necktie; Soft Soap; Cube-On Release
41 Christian Curriculum: Chain Escape; Multum in Parvo; Botania; Milk Pitcher
42 Confused?: Dizzy Dial; Hank Frame; Professor's Nightmare; Repeat Bills; Hippity Hop Rabbits; Rice Bowls; Hot Book
44 Past, Present and Future...: Handcuffs; Church Silk Cabby; Flaming Bible
45 Praying: Hole-In-One; Prayer Sticks; Rice Bowls; Mutilated Parasol; Arm Chopper
47 The Greatest of Them All: Burned Alive or Dagger Chest; Production; Blendo; Silk Serenade
48 What's Your Next Step in Life?: Crystal Casket; Hi-Sign; Spikes Thru Balloon; Bang Gun
50 World Evangelism: Rice Bowls; Repeat Bills; Color Changing Plumes; Lota Bowl; Tricky Bottles; Guillotine

52 Add a Bit of Humor
53 Introduction
54 Quotes on Laughter and Humor: 25 of them
56 A Bit of Humor: three pages of jokes
60 Fresh From the Cob: corny one liners and more short jokes
62 Laughs: 6 more joke
63 Sing Language: funny signs, and then more jokes
64 Conundrums: 20 riddles
67 Dopenitions: a-z of funny definitions
72 It's the Nuttiest: two more pages of corny one-liners
75 Just for Magicians: more jokes, several magic related
79 Ministers: preacher jokes
83 One Liners: 2 pages
86 For the Younger Set: jokes about kids
93 Youth (Don Lonie): more jokes
96 Appendix:
97 - A Monkey's Viewpoint: poem
98 - Darwin Cartoon
99 - Problems of Anatomy: poem
100 - Pluresy: poem
101 - The Tator Family
101 - Suggested Birthstones
102 - Profitable Guide Lines: for telling jokes

104 The Seed Basket
106 Food for Thought: humorous words of wisdom
110 Illustrations: more words of wisdom, quips, and some Biblical truth illustrations
120 Quotable Quotes: more thoughts and illustrations

125 Wake Up! It's Outline Time
126 Mental Choice: introduction
127 What God Calls Us
127 The Battle Is Not Ours
127 John 15:1-10
127 Stop-Look-Listen
127 The Seven I Am's
127 The ABC's of Christian Living
128 Why We Should Give
128 The Humbleness of Christ
128 His Blood Avails Now
129 What You Sow You Reap
129 Stationary Christianity
129 A Declaration of Independence
129 In the Wisdom of God
130 The Gospel According to Paul
130 The True Character of the Church
130 Prayer
131 The Good Things In Hell
131 Symbols of Holy Spirit
131 Jesus the Vine
131 Seven Secrets of a Successful Church
131 The Food Fair in the Desert
131 Preach the Word
132 Seven He Shalls
132 Seven Things a Christian Should Do
132 Sevens of the Bible
132 Things to Hold Fast
132 Have You Ever Noticed
132 The Book of Jonah Can be Expressed This Way

133 Acknowledgements
133 Magic Effects: listing
133 Illusions: listing
134 A La Potpourri: listing
134 Routines: listing
134 Themes: listing
136 Index