Jim Dracup: Magic That Points to an Upward Life
Dracup, Rev. Jim: Magic That Points to the Upward Life
©1987 Jim Dracup, Abbott's Magic
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 158 pages
Dracup: Magic That Points to an Upward Life
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Comments: The third of a trilogy of Gospel Magic. The others are Magic With an Upward Look and Magic That Gives and Upward Lift.
Provides many gospel routines to use with standard magic effects, as well as advertising ideas, and some plans for building your own magic.
Available as an eBook from Abbott's Magic. 

Contents (from book):

6 Foreword
7 Introduction

9 Why Magic - There Really Is No Mystery
11 Miracles
11 Assaults on the Miracles
12 Parables
12 Where Do We Fit In?

14 Leap Ahead With Creativity
15 Creative Advertising
15 Paul the Saleman
16 The Selling Point
17 Honesy Still the Best Policy
17 Creativity
17 Arouse Interest
17 Layout
18 Illustration
19 Transfer Lettering

29 Illustration Ideas
30 Sources
34 Samples

70 Magic In The Making
71 Building and Using a Magic Black Art Table
72 Block, Frame and Ribbon Trick
73 Candle From the Pocket
73 Magnetic Milk
74 Chinese Rice Canisters
75 Confetti Becomes Candy
76 The Crystal Casket
77 Wrist Stock Escape
78 Magic in the Making: intro
78 Wood
79 Cutting the Wood
80 Frame of Life and Death
81 Holes
81 Gluing
83 Tools
83 Painting
85 Finishing
86 Other Tips

87 Magic Presentations: Gospel messages using standard tricks

88 The Conjuror's Candle and Cane Magic
89 - Acrobatic Cane: uses a Dancing Cane; theme God in Control
90 - Candle to Silk to Cane: using Vanishing Candle, Appearing Cane; theme Metamorphosis
92 - Flame of Kan-Del: uses Flame of Kan-Del; theme A Shining Example
93 - Multiplying Candles: uses Nesto Candles; theme Sanctified Illumination
94 - Visible Candle to Salt: uses Candle to Salt prop; theme Life Preservers

95 Showers of Coin and Money Magic
96 Berland's Bill in Lemon; theme Christian Countenance
97 Coin Pail: coin production in a bucket; theme Showers of Blessing
98 Diminishing Bills: using Diminishing Bills prop; theme Spiritual Prosperity
99 Pencil Through Nickel: using nickel gimmick; theme Fault Finding
100 Visible Coins in Glass uses Copenetro prop; theme Glorified Saints

101 Comedy Magic
102 Whoa There Fella: Black Hand Gag; theme Dirty Hands
103 Breakaway Fan: theme Fanning Yourself to Death
104 Comedy Cut and Restored Necktie: theme No Laughing Matter
106 Comedy Gun: uses a Bang Gun; theme Saints and Aint's
107 Expose Vanish: comedy vanishing milk; theme Hide and Seek

108 Flower Magic - Garden of Flowers
109 Professional Fountain of Silks: uses Fountain of Silks; theme Your Happiest Day
110 Garden of Flowers: uses Garden of Flowers effect and Bloomin' News; theme Dust to Dust
112 Gloves to Bouquet: theme A Hand Full
114 Super Botania: theme Life From the Lifeless
115 Wilting Flower: theme The Unhappy Backslider

117 Liquid Magic
118 Coffee Vase: theme The Refiner's Fire
119 Liquid Appear: theme A Happy Invitation
120 Liquid Penetration: theme Unity of Believers
121 Milk In the Lightbulb: theme The Consequences of Unbelief
122 Westgate Bowl Production: theme Overflowing Grace

123 Rope Magic
124 Linking Rope: theme One Way Home
125 Professor's Daydream: theme Three Enemies
127 Rainbow Ropes: theme Christ's Threefold Office
128 Red and White Ropes: theme An Unruly Member
129 Shanghai Shackle: rope release; theme Request-Release-Response

131 Silk Magic
132 Blendo: theme About Face
133 Crystal Silk Cylinder: theme Divine Deliverance
134 Deluxe Soft Soap: theme Spots Before Your Eyes
135 Tri-Fly-Silk: theme Church Hoppers
136 20th Century Silks: theme The Believer's Walk

137 Holiday Magic
138 A String Of Lights for Wise Men: Multiplying Candles
139 Christmas Thoughts - Mental Miracle: slate
140 Company Comin'?: uses a Drawer Box
141 Finders Keepers - Losers Weepers: using Genii Tube
142 Give the Gift of Travel This Christmas: using the Traveling Block
143 God With Us: using a production box
144 God's Christmas Tree: using Square Circle
146 Happy Holiday Eating: using a Dove Pan
147 Holiday Fruit Basket: using Crystal Silk Cylinder
148 Seasons Greetings: Appearing Candle
149 Special Christmas Open House: using Key-R-Rect
151 The Colors of Christmas: using The Blooming Bouquet

153 Acknowledgements
153 Bibliography
155 Magic Effects and Themes
157 Index