Jim Dracup: Magic With an Upward Look
Dracup, Jim: Magic With an Upward Look
©1985 Jim Dracup, Abbott's Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, spiral bound, 8.5x11", 162 pages
Jim Dracup: Magic With an Upward Look
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Comments: The second edition of A Magician Goes to Church has been expanded and updated, and forms the first of a trilogy of Gospel Magic.
The other two books of the trilogy are: Magic that Gives an Upward Lift, and Magic That Points to the Upward Life.
Available as an eBook from Abbott's Magic.

Contents (from book):

13 Preface to First Edition
15 Preface to Revised Edition
17 Foreward (George Hample)
19 Foreward (Brooks Grantior)

21 Chapter I - History of Magic
21 Definition
21 Magic In the Bible
23 Zoroasterism
23 Magic In Other Lands
24 Conjuring
25 Beginning of Stage Performances
25 Beginning of Modern Magic
26 History of Gospel Magic

36 Chapter II - Story of Silk
37 Brief History
37 Silk in the Bible
38 Silk in Magic
38 Care of Silks

40 Chapter III - Panorama of Prestidigitation
42 Presentation and Performance - Or Showmanship
45 Performance
48 Personality
51 Ah! Preparation: with book recommendations
59 Patter
61 Kid Stuff
62 Humor
65 Helpful Hints
66 Promotion and Publicity: includes clip art

75 Chapter IV - Magical Music
77 Magical Music
77 Definition
77 Object
78 Music Appreciation
79 Secular Vs. Gospel Music
81 Musical Selections
81 Gospel Music With Suggested Effects
85 Added Thoughts
86 Suggested Secular Music
87 Magic Music In General
87 Suitable Music for Magic Programs
88 In Closing

89 Chapter V - Magic For The Apprentice: gospel patter for popular magic effects
91 Ball on Wand: make it yourself; theme Living a Balanced Life
92 Grant's Candle-Lite: transfer flame from candle to candle; theme Witnessing
93 Chinese Prayer Vase: vase suspends from rope; theme Trust in the Lord
94 Clippo: cut and restored news stip; theme Death
95 Dizzy Dial: make it yourself wooden dial changes time; theme A Time for Every Purpose
98 Milk Bottle: milk remains in inverted bottle, make it yourself; theme Ministry of the Holy Spirit
99 Multiplying Money Tray: theme Giving and Receiving
100 Phantom Tube: production from tube; theme Christ In You
102 Red Ashes: burnt and restored tissue; theme Restored Joy and Sight
104 Repeat Bill Trick: theme Needs Supplied
105 Rigid Rope: theme Doubt
106 Pavel's Round the Square: packet trick; theme Variety in the Christian Life

108 Chapter VI - Enchantment For Children
110 Ball & Vase: theme Covering Sin
111 Comedy Gun: Bang gun prop; theme Doers for Christ
112 DeLuxe Dove Pan: theme Deliverance
113 Drawer Box: theme God's Gift
114 Forgetful Freddie: theme Remembering
115 Fraidy-Cat Rabbit: theme Fear - God's Protection
116 Glass Levitation: glasses suspend on a Book; theme God's Upholding Power
117 High Sign: sign arrow changes direction; theme Christ the Way
119 Hippity-Hop Rabbits: theme Fooled By the Devil
120 Metamorpho Spots: silk spots transpo; theme Cleansing From Sin
121 Vanishing Milk Pitcher: theme Bible Study
122 Run Rabbit Run: theme Stealing
123 Silk Serenade: records change colors; theme Being in Christ
124 Squaring the Circle: metal rings changes from circle to square; theme Traveling in Circles
125 Stop-Lite-Trix: street-light card trick; theme Bearing the Message

126 Chapter VII - Advanced Magic
128 Professional Blindfold: theme Spiritual Sight
129 Blooming Bouquet: theme Making Life Count
130 - Another Suggestion - Reaching Ahead
131 Candle Thru Arm: theme Adversity
132 Chinese Gong: silk from drum-head tube production; theme Witnessing or Seed Sowing
133 Church Silk Cabinet: theme Church Attendance
134 Clock Vanish: ringing alarm clock vanishes; theme What is Life?
135 Double Visible Block Go: block penetrates metal sheet; theme Christ the Way
136 The Fire Bowl to Flowers: theme Partakers
137 Floating Balloon: commercial floating balloon; theme Creation
138 Guillotine: stage effect; theme How to Go to Hell
140 Handcuff Escape: theme Freedom Through Truth
141 Handkerchief Frame Penetration: theme Destroying God's Word
142 Hot Book: theme Fireproof Christians
143 Key-R-Rect: only one key opens lock; theme The Way to Heaven
144 Levitation: using any assistant levitation; theme Lifted Burdens
146 Goofus Plant: prop is a growing plant; theme Salvation
148 Multum & Parvo: liquid from small to large glasses; theme Humility
149 Pillory Escape: escape from a head lock; theme Heaven Bound
150 - Flash!: another suggestion
151 Professors Nightmare: rope trick; theme Study of God's Word
152 Rice Bowls: theme God's Blessings
153 Improved Skeleton in the Closet: wooden blocks rearrange;
154 Fantastic Spikes Thru Ballon: needle through balloon; theme God's Protection
155 The Square Circle: production prop; theme Proof of God's Existence
156 Squeezaway Blocks: two black blocks squeeze a yellow one out of existence; theme The Trinity
157 Vampire Escape: block escape from rod; theme Salvation

158 Acknowledgements
159 Bibliography
161 Themes
162 Index