David Drake: Working the Tables
Drake, David: Working the Tables
©1996 David Drake, Canada
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 38 pages
David Drake: Working the Tables
Image courtesy Don's Magic and Books

Comments: B&W Photo Illustrated

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Introduction

2 Vintage
2 The Pill Trick: 8 pills instantly vanish from the hands
4 The Steel Balls: 3 small ball bearings become 2 medium then one large
6 Pengali: Blue Bic pen becomes red

8 Cards
8 Obedient Ace
10 Frog Cut: reverse cards while cutting the deck
12 Dreamwave Deck: Brainwave with card-to-wallet
14 Cross-Pollination: multiple divination
15 The Singing Card Trick
16 I Can't Spell

17 Coins
17 Spellbound Surprise: coin change with surprise ending
19 Slot-In-The-Box
20 Penny Ring: large coin passes through a small ring
22 Granulated Signature
25 Three-Sided Coin

26 Others
26 Key/Ball Balance: skeleton key defies gravity
27 Loupe Da Loop: linking finger ring
29 Hanging By a Thread
31 World's Fasted Tying of a Knot
32 Four Ring Assembly: Assembly routine using small rings
35 Pick

37 Glossary