Draun, Steve: The Magic of Steve Draun
1987 Steve Draun
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 43 Pages
              Magic of Steve Draun
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Comments: Steve's early lecture notes


1 Card Magic

1 Passes
1 Midnight Ambitious Card: Midnight Shift; Draun's Double Lift
6 The Ole Thumb Pass

7 Palms
7 Starfish Change
9 Rubberband Card
11 Turnover Change
13 Nouveau Travellers

16 Shuffles
16 Topsy Turvy Aces Version VII: Perfect Tabled Multiple Shift; Revolve Flourish
20 Web Shuffle
23 Quntiple Duke: Practical Deck Switch; Perfect Blind Shuffle

26 Deals
26 Oneway Deal
29 Ten Hand Poker Stack

31 Practically Self Working
31 Twenty One Card Trick Routine
33 Out of This World Revisited: Overhand Shuffle Crimp

35 Miscellaneous
35 Peek Glimpse

36 Apparatus

36 Inflated Spellbound: Silver dollar changes to dime and then to Jumbo coin

39 Cups and Balls: direct, short, and clean routine using no extra balls; with jumbo loads