Duffie, Peter: Subtle Miracles
©2004 Martin Breese International, East Sussex, England
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 156 pages
ISBN 0947-533-745
Subtle Miracles
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Peter Duffie: Subtle Miracles

Comments:Illustrated by David Britland

Contents (from book ToC):

7 Introduction

9 Solo
9 Wildlife: printing effect where blank cards become court cards
18 Hamman Count Variation

21 Duet
21 Point Blank Assembly: four Kings change places with three blank cards, etc.
27 - Notes by David Britland: alternate handling
29 Impulse: transposition effect ends with a hole cut in one card transposes to another
34 - Notes by David Britland

36 Trio
36 Clear Though!: One blank card becomes the thought of Queen, then all four become Queens
42 Polythene Pam: a Find the Lady with four blanks and a Queen
45 Composite: two cards torn and one half of each burnt, but matching halves are found in an envelope

51 Quartet
51 Internecine: transposition effect with two Jokers, a Red King and a Black King
60 Dichotomy: selection is torn in half and one half burnt, but then found stapled to a prediction
68 Tarradiddle: combo of a Lie Detector theme and Spelling to the selection
73 - Notes by David Britland: using poker chips instead of a display sheet
75 Ascension: a Find the Lady where the Queen also rises

82 Double Indemnity
82 Flashpoint: Ace and King transposition and more with hole cards
86 - Flash Point Routine
92 Restless: with the A, 2, 3, and 4 of Spades, and blank cards

97 Bonus
97 Choc-a-block: hands off Cards Across
101 All Clear: You do as I do effect
104 - An Alternative Handling
106 Red Alert (David Britland): Spectator freely selects the four Kings, which are found to be quite unique
112 The Bible Code: performer reveals phone number and name as selected in a address book
120 Pure Devilry: two stage routine culminates in revelation of a random pair of cards in a diary against a spectator's birth date; uses a fulls stack
124 Fusion Assembly: The Four Aces are discovered, one torn and restored piece by piece

143 Appendix - Essential Moves
143 Elmsley Count
146 Hamman Flushtration Count
148 Ascanio Spread
150 Mexican Turnover
152 Through the Fist Flourish
156 Buckle Spread and Count