Dutt, A.K.: Silk and Flower Magic
©1995 Sam Dalal
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 26 pages
Dutt: Silk and Flower Magic
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A.K.Dutt: Silk and Flower Magic

Comments: Scripted by Mahadevananda, illustrated by Someeran


I Introduction

1 The Half and Half Colour Change Records: 45 RPM Record color changes
5 Card on Rope: Card selection attached to rope lowered into container
6 Fifth Dimension Thimbles: thimbles are produced from a magic plastic ring (uses Werry style thimbles)
8 Bare Handed Garland of Spring Flower Production
9 The A.K. Dutt Repeat Pull: hookup to use a pull over and over in a show
11 Signed 20th Century Silks in Reverse
13 Knots in Sympathy: with silks
16 Shower of Flowers: silks to flowers
19 Spots Before Your Eyes: black silk with white spots to white silk with black spots
20 Jumping Silks: on a rope
22 Flash Production of Two Bouquets on Ribbons
24 A String of Pearls: loose pearls dropped in a film canister become strung
26 Introducing A.K. Dutt: short biographical sketch