Benjamin Earl: The Shift Volume 1
Earl, Benjamin: The Shift Volume 1
©2019 Benjamin Earl, Studio 52
Hardcover, no dj, 89 pages
Benjamin Earl: The Shift Volume 1
Image courtesy Don's Magic and Books

Comments: First in a series of 3


x Preface

1 Effects:
1 Spinner: transposition of two folded and signed playing cards
11 Just a Second: approach to the classic stop trick
23 Out of Oil: direct handling of 'Out Of This World'

33 Techniques:
33 The Overhand DPS: Diagonal Palm Shift
41 The Combination Shuffle: Overhand False Shuffle

53 Theory:
53 A New Angle: may change the way you hold a deck of cards
63 The Art of Practice: set of training drills
71 Influence and Deception: on the nature of deception and its relationship to magic