Lee Earle: 1-2-3 Trilogy
Earle, Lee: The Lee Earle 1-2-3 Trilogy
©2002 Lee Earle
Hardcover, 72 pages

On Second Thought ©1991 Binary Star Publications;
©2002 SYZYGY
Melange a Trois ©1995, 1998, 2001 Lee Earle
Earle: 1-2-3 Trilogy

Comments: A compilation of Lee's out-of-print books First Impressions, On Second Thought, Melange a Trois, with some updates. Although the Micro-Thin Clipboard is no longer available, many of the techniques will be applicable to other effects. Available as an eBook.

Contents (from book):

4 First Impressions: routines and tips for use with the Micro-Thin clipboard
6 Foreword
7 Clipboard Psychology
7 Clipboard Care
9 Contact!: an experiment in contact mind reading
10 Power Memory: using the clipboard to aid a memorization act
12 Dark Spirits: billet reading
13 Replication: drawing duplication
14 Invisibility: tip on presenting the clipboard
15 Con-Bination: combination lock routine
18 At “The Office”: a form to help gather information
20 The Cincinnatti* Option: another tip
22 A Circled Word: a book test
23 - Variation: with a highway map

24 On Second Thought
27 Foreword
28 Aura Cards: uses color cards as memory jog
30 Paycheck Roulette: betting your paycheck
33 Headline Prediction: newspaper prediction
36 Triple Play: three part demonstration of psychic skills
41 T.V. Tear: center tear
44 Lip Service: Pseudo Psychometry performer matches cards to their owners in
47 More Second Thoughts: Magic vs. Mentalism

48 Melange a Trois: a Collection of Three Psychic Entertainments
51 Biography
52 Foreword
53 Double Bill: mentalist divines phone numbers and bill serial number
62 Photo Finale: a pre-show prediction comes true using a gimmicked Polaroid camera
68 Train-a-Thought: drawing duplication