Eastman, Charles C. (ed) & Edwin A. French: French's Mysteries
©1931 French & Eastman, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Softcover, stapled-folded manuscript, 8.5x11"

Later reprint, Lee Jacobs Productions, Ohio
comb-bound, 8.5x11", 30 pages
Eastman: French's Mysteries
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              French's Mysteries
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Contents: A collection of 15 excellent magical effects using a variety of various items

3 A Cornucopia And...
4 Changeable Colors
5 Follow the Colors
8 Out of the Flames
11 Premiere Trunk Mystery
12 Some Tricks With a Tube
13 Comedy Method (Nelson C. Hahne)
14 French's Hanky-Panky Tube
15 Illustrations
16 Methods for Hanky-Panky Tube (Nelson J. Hahne)
17 The Vanishing Table Lamp
19 The Premiere Alarm Clock Mystery
22 Peculiar Paper
23 With a Dollar Bill
24 Dollar Bill In the Cigarette
27 Artistry With Silks
29 French's Dyeing Enigma