Mark Edwards: Restless Plots
Edwards, Mark: Restless Plots
©1997-1998 Mark Edward and Thaumysta Pub. Co.
Hardcover, w/dj, 182 pages
Mark Edward's Restless Plots
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Comments: Was updated in 2003 in a new edition.

Contents (Partial contents only from first page of contents):

i Foreword (Jules Lenier)
iii Introduction

3 Chapter I: Beneath The Surface
3 The Contemporary Medium
5 Interview - Creating The Medium’s Persona

11 Chapter II: Protection
11 Goose Bump Guarantee
17 The Bible Proves Mystic Phenomena
19 Do Not Judge

23 Chapter III: Devil's Pasteboards
23 The Summoning Of Andruzzi
29 Cheaters
35 Subliminal Back-Flip
39 Legacy Of Luck
45 Voodoo You Do

57 Chapter IV: Tarot Telepathy
57 The Book Of Love
61 Ed’s Enigma (The Fowler Force)

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