Neal Elias: At the Table
Elias, Neal C.: At the Table Tricks
©1946 George Snyder, Jr., Cleveland, OH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 20 pages
              Elias: At the Table
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Comments: Illustrated by R.A. Mackenzie
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Contents (from book):

1 Foreword (Neal C. Elias)
3 A Reverse Sleight: for cards
4 On the Card to the Pocket: wherein the hands are obviously empty when they go to the pocket
5 Turnover Switch: for cards
6 A Truly Fan-Cy Cut: a cut with a flourish
7 One Hand Center Cut: cards
7 Card From Center: another idea
9 Follow the Leader: Neal's approach to Dai Vernon's card trick
11 Here It Is! (Frank Cauri): card revelation based on LePaul's There It Is
12 Torn Corner Card Trick: impromptu
13 A Spelling Change (Frank Cauri): wrong card is spelled to but turns out right
14 Tell Ya What Im Gonna Do: using Bob Taylor's cull and stock shuffle
16 Screwy Square: a line on a card changes direction and then vanishes on one side
18 No Gimmick Card Spread: card deck is spread in the air to impossible length
19 We Both Spell: a double card speller
20 Well, That's It!: final remarks