Enochs, Loyd: Producing Lighted Cigarettes
©1936 Loyd Enochs
©1943 Mitchell Kanter, Philadelphia, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 21 pages
Producing Lighted Cigarettes
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Loyd Enoch: Producing Lighted Cigarettes

Comments: "Ideas and Methods Used by the Foremost Manipulators of Lighted Cigarettes". 36 illustrations.


4 Producing Lighted Cigarettes
4 Regarding Cigarettes: most practical types
5 The Fire Sleight
6 The Double Production From One Cigarette
6 Producing Lighted Cigarettes
7 Plate One: illustrations
8 Switching the Lighted Cigarette for the Dummy
10 Plate Two: illustrations
11 The Pantomime Cigarette
11 Super Pantomime Cigarette
12 A Novel Variation During the Production
13 A Snap Production
14 The Bailey Sleight
15 Plate Three: illustrations
16 Loyd's Triple Cigarette Production
17 The Finale - Pipe Production
18 Special Sleights
18 The Penetration Vanish and Production
19 Lighted Sleights
20 The Bolton Master Lighted Cigarette Sleight