Evans, Henry Ridgely: The Old and the New Magic
©1906, 1909 Open Court Publishing Co.
Hardcover, no d/j, 352 or 515 pages
Henry Ridgely Evans: The Old and the New Magic
1906 Edition
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Henry Ridgely Evans: The Old and the New Magic
1909 Edition
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Henry Ridgely Evans: The Old and the New Magic

Comments: 1909 edition is revised and enlarged with additional chapters (see below)


ix Introduction (Dr. Paul Carus): a history of magic through the ages

1 History of Natural Magic and Prestidigitation
1 I: From Biblical times to the Middle Ages
13 II: The Middle Ages to the 16th & 17th centuries
19 III: An account of Count Edmond de Grisy

23 The Chevalier Pinetti
23 I: 18th Century
26 II: Pinetti's repertory
31 III: the shirt trick, Decremps
35 IV: Germany & Paris
27 V: Rivalry with de Grisy

42 Cagliostro: A Study in Charlatanism
42 I: The Mask
48 II: The life of Joseph Balsamo, and Cagliostro
54 III: among the Masons
57 IV: In Paris
64 V: His arrest in Bastille
74 VI: Cagliostro flees
79 VII: His home in Paris

87 Ghost-making Extraordinary
87 I: Etienne-Gaspart Robertson
93 II: Pepper's Ghost
100 III: Metem-psychosis
104 IV: the Inn of Death

107 The Romance of Automata
107 I: Chess Player
112 II: Robert-Houdin's story of the Chess Player
116 III: Maskelyne's inventions
121 IV: John Nevil Maskelyne

123 Robert-Houdin: Conjurer, Author and Ambassador
123 I: His Autobiography
125 II: The Watchmaker and Count de l'Escalopier
134 III: His birth and beginnings; Torrini; tricks
143 IV: before Louis Philippe
150 V: Embassy to Algeria
153 VI: Villa at St. Gervais

160 Some Old-time Conjurers
160 Comte
162 Phillippe
162 Robin
166 Bosco
171 Anderson
178 Blitz
180 Alexander
182 Frikell

188 The Secrets of Second Sight
188 I: Robert and Haidi Heller
194 II: Svengali Trio
198 III: Chevalier Pinetti

201 The Confessions of an Amateur Conjurer
201 I: Wyman, the Magician
203 II: Albert Niblack
205 III: Henry's practice of sleight-of-hand
208 IV: Magic in a Pullman Car
210 V: The Study of Natural Magic
212 VI: M. Roujol's Shop in France; Martinka's

215 A Day with Alexander the Great
215 I: Alexander Herrmann
218 II: Story from the North American Review
221 III: His Birth and family
226 IV: In Baltimore
230 V: Madame Herrmann
321 VI: Review of Herrmann's Tricks

237 A Twentieth Century Thaumaturgist
237 I: Harry Kellar
238 II: Kellar's Birth and Beginnings
245 III: Travels in the Orient

254 A Gentleman of Thibet
254 I: Monsieur le Docteur Albert de Sarak, Comte de Das
258 II: The Esoteric Centre
260 III: Investigating Dr. Sarak
264 IV: Meeting at the House of the Mage
269 V: Explanations of the Effects

271 Magicians I Have Met
271 I: Imro Fox The Comic Conjurer
273 II: Thumbnail Sketches of NY City Magicians
275 III: Horace Goldin
277 IV: Frederick Eugene Powell
280 V: William G. Robinson (Chung Ling Soo)
289 VI: Buatier de Kolta
300 VII: Le Commandeur Cazeneuve
302 VIII: L'Homme Masque and T. Nelson Downs
304 IV: Harry Houdini
314 X: Charles Edwin Fields of the Royal Aquarium and Crystal Palace, London, and others

318 The Riddle of the Sphinx
318 I: Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, London
320 II: Mr. Alfred Thompson and the Secret of the Sphinx
322 III: Professor Hoffmann's Explanation
325 IV: Explanation by Mr. Tobin, inventor
327 V: The "She" Illusion

331 Treweyism
331 I: Felicien Trewey
322 II: Trewey's Programme of Shadows
338 III: Meeting Trewey
341 IV: Mimic Par Excellence
344 V: Inventor

(Note, the 1906 Edition Ends here at page 349 with Index of Tricks and Illusions)

349 Thurston the Thaumaturgist
349 I: Otto Mauerer and the reverse palm, the King of the Cards
355 II: In India

361 The Davenport Brothers

372 The Great Slate Test
372 I: How it was performed, and some explanations
377 II: Dr. Henry Slade of NYC

381 Mysterious Mr. Maskelyne
381 The Box Trick
386 Vs. Archdeacon Colly of the Anglican Church

393 Automata: A Sequel to "The Romance of Automata"
393 I: The Ancients
395 II: Jaquet-Droz and Son
400 III: Exhibitions; Pinchbeck Sr., Talking Head
411 IV: Sham Pieces of Mechanism

417 The King's Conjurer
417 I: Charles Bertram
423 II: With King Edward VII
424 III: Charlier

430 A Master of the Magi
430 I: Alphonse Louis Constant or Eliphas Levi Zahed
433 II: Influence of Writings
439 III: Ceremonies, Vestments, etc.
444 IV: A Thinker

448 The Necromancy of Numbers and Letters
448 - Peculiar Properties of Numbers
451 - The Downfall of Louis Phillipe and Napoleon III
453 - The Number of the Beast
454 - The Magic Opera Glass Card Trick
456 - Divination by Words or Characters

458 Appendix: Additional Notes on Preceding Chapters
458 Zollner's Illusion
462 Chevalier Pinetti
463 Cagliostro
468 Robert-Houdin
474 Second-Sight
479 Leon Herrmann
479 Kellar
483 Buatier De Kolta
487 L'Homme Masque
488 Harry Houdini
498 Treweyism
506 Thurston
507 Egyptian Hall

513 Index