Gabe Fajuri: Slush!
Fajuri, Gabe: Slush!
©2001 Fun, Inc., IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 31 pages
              Fajuri: Slush!
Image courtesy Fun, Inc.

Comments: Magic Tricks With Slush Powder. Compiled and edited by Gabe Fajuri with contributions by Patrick Page.

Contents (from book):

1 Introduction
1 Warning!
2 Slush Basics
2 What Does Slush Powder Work On?
3 Liquid + Powder or Powder + Liquid?
3 Measuring Slush Powder
3 Storing Slush Powder
4 Delivery of Slush Powder
4 Slush Wand
4 Slush Pen (Graham Putnam)
4 Slush Shaker

5 Tricks
5 Vanishing Liquid
5 - Variations
6 - At the Bar
6 - For Kids
6 Anti-Gravity Vanish
7 Basic Slush Gag
7 Jokes Lines and Gags
8 Utility Vanisher
8 Utility Change
9 Broken and Restored: cracker
10 Confetti Cascade: old clown gag brought up to date
11 Rainbow of Color: colored drinks to colored handkerchiefs
12 Shot-Put: vanish of liquid filled shot glass
13 Shot-Put Plus (Patrick Page): using a Topit
13 Easy-Do Vent Act: idea
14 Clean As a Whistle: handkerchief reappears dry from a glass of water
15 Human Water Pump: using a comedy funnel
16 Water Monte: spectator can't find the cup with the water
18 Follow the Leader: You Do As I Do
19 Candy Factory: How to cook by magic
19 Milk to Silk: milk poured into a glass is immediately poured out as a silk
22 Water Transformations: ideas
22 Water For Brains: water poured through ear and out of the mouth
23 Fire & Ice (Diamond Jim Tyler): one cup boiled and one frozen

24 Patrick Page Section
24 Liquid in Newspaper: water poured into newspaper vanishes
25 Liquid Tip: for using a TT
26 Bowl-Be-Gone: vanish of bowl of water
27 New Vanishing Liquid: with glass truly empty
28 Another Vanish: using an Egg Bag
29 Capsule Vanish: liquid poured in clear cylinder vanishes in handkerchief
29 Bag-It: vanish of cup of water in paper bag
30 Hat and Glass: glass of water vanishes and reappears in hat
30 Comedy With Slush
30 With a Change Bag
31 With a Dove Pan