Fare, Jean: Card Tricks, French Style
1977 Magic Inc., Chicago
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 41 pages
Jean Fare: Card
              Tricks French Style
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Comments: Sequel to Close Up, French Style. Ten card tricks and two non-card tricks!

Contents (from book, updated July 2019)

4 Foreword
1 Thru: Four Aces pass thru a wallet or magazine
9 New Bland Thought Handling: variation on Marlo's Blank Thought, using a gimmicked deck
11 Variation of a Palm: palming off single cards
14 Logical Sandwich: card sandwiched between two Kings vanishes and is found between the other two Kings
16 Delayed Jump: visual card trick
19 Cased in Disappearance - Minus One: vanishing deck except for selection
21 Spectator Handles the Devano: rising cards
23 Linking Pins Finale: ending clean in an Andrus' Linking Pin routine
29 Multiple Coin Switch: example four silver to four copper, performed seated
32 Criss Cross Triumph: Three Aces end up face up with selection between them, used to find fourth Ace
35 Triumph Color Change: version of Derek Dingle's Color Triumph
37 Topsy Turvy Plus One: extension of Marlo's Topsy Turvy Aces Control

41 Index
42 Ad: for Magic, Inc.