Farelli, Victor: Lend Me Your Pack
Novel Experiments with Borrowed Cards
©1935 Edward Bagshawe
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 48 pages
Lend Me Your Pack
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4 Foreword (Edward Bagshawe)
6 For Artists Only
9 Five Points

11 Part I In the Drawing Room: Effects to be performed when standing

11 Chapter I Culling
11 Seventeen Down
14 Reversing the Bottom Card
14 The Lindahl Method

16 Chapter II Do As I Do
18 An Alternative Conclusion
18 Glimpsing

19 Chapter III Three Sevens
20 Variation

21 Chapter IV Arithmetical Magic

23 Chapter V El Naipe Y La Corbata
25 Lady Volunteer Assistants

25 Chapter VI Pencil and Pack
28 The Push Force

30 Part II At the Card Table: Effects to be performed when seated
30 Almost in Confidence

31 Chapter VII Poker and Brag

34 Chapter VIII The Harrison Deal

35 Chapter IX Poker Face

36 Chapter X The Mystic Eight
38 Alternative Method of Working

38 Chapter XI Controlled Coincidence
41 The Latest Method
42 A Rapid Routine

42 Chapter XII Loo Lung or the Chinese Coin

45 Appendix
45 The Double Card Turn-Over
45 Manipulations
47 First Variation
47 Second Variation
48 Third Variation
48 The Conus Method