Farmer, Bob (Bobby Knuckles): Beat'em Cheat'em Leave 'em Bleedin'
1994 Every Trick in the Book, Inc., Canada
Distributed by Magic City, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x.8.5" 38 pages
Farmer: Beatem
              Cheatem Leavem Bleedin
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Talyho-Enterprise

Comments: "Use the Secrets of Magicians & Card Cheats to Scam the Big Bucks!"


1 Cheating Your New Hobby
4 Where to Get Marked Cards Loaded Dice & Double Headed Coins

6 Double Headed Coins
7 Con of the Realm
7 Pocket Change
8 Two Heads Are Better Than One
9 Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
11 None Out of Three
12 Two Out of Three Ain't Badder
13 Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

15 Marked Cards
15 Ten Cards Twenty Fingers Unlimited Cash
18 The Game of 31

22 Montes
22 Svengali Monte
27 Two Card Monte
28 Three Card Monte

30 Loaded Dice
30 7-11 Dice Load and Fire
31 Another Game of 31
32 Bone Dry
35 Pair of Dice By the Dashboard Light
36 A Simple Dice Switch

37 Swidle Tech
37 Your Friendly Neighborhood Magic Dealer