Bob Farmer: Cyclops
Farmer, Bob: Cyclops
©1998 Bob Farmer, Every Trick in the Book, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 12 pages
              Farmer: Cyclops
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Comments: a One Ball (large) Cups and Balls Routine with multiple ball climax. No special equipment needed, uses three cups, and with a 5 second reset.

Contents (Partial from book):

8 Act One
8 Ball Vanishes and Appears at the Magician's Elbow
8 Ball Vanishes From Right Cup, Appears Under Left
9 Ball Vanishes From Right Cup, Appears Under Center

9 Act Two
9 Ball Penetrates Bottom of Cup
10 Ball Vanishes, Appears at Magician's Elbow
10 Ball Vanishes and Appears Under Center Cup

11 Act Three
11 Spectator Picks Any Cup, Ball Appears Under That Cup
11 Balls Multiply
11 Alternate Ending Back to One Ball
11 Final Load Note: with Bizarre Ending option