Fedko, John: Magic Classics
1975 Fedko Magic Company, PA
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 22 pages
John Fedko: Magic Classics
Image courtesy eBay seller bickysrestorations

Comments: Note: I have a set of notes with this title that is missing "Ultra Coins Thru Table" and "Simplex Elevator Aces".


1 China Lingo: presentation and patter for the Chinese Sticks
3 Ultra Coins Thru Table
5 Simplex Elevator Aces
7 Hanko: presentation for your Change Bag & Breakaway fan and wand
9 Eggsacto: Presentation for a Chick Pan, Egg Bag, and Atomic Lamp
11 Rope Acto: knots appear on a rope
13 Cone, Coins & Cube (C3): Cylinder and coins presentation
15 Exchango: Red and Blacks are mixed, but remain together