Tom Ferrell & Lee Eisenbert: Sneaky Feats

Ferrell, Tom & Lee Eisenberg: Sneaky Feats
©1975 Tom Ferrell and Lee Eisenberg, Sheed and Ward, Kansas
Hardcover, w/dj, 157 pages

©1976 Pocket Book Edition
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5x7", 192 pages
ISBN 0-671-80538-X

Tom Ferrell & Lee Eisenbert: Sneaky Feats
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Tom Ferrell and Lee Eisenbert Sneaky Feats
Hardcover edition
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Comments: A book of unusual skills, stunts, magic tricks, and betchas.

Contents (from Pocket Book edition):

11 Introduction

19 Part One: Playing with Your Food
21 The One-Armed Fried Egg: frying an egg with one hand
25 Slicing a Banana Without Peeling It: trick
28 The Seven-Layer Pousse-Cafe, Hoo-Hah!: making a layered alcoholic drink
31 Voila! Flaming Baked Alaska!: a flaming dessert
35 How to Clean a Fish
38 The Chopstick Schtick: how to use them
40 A Great Balancing Act: balancing a glass on knives on three glasses
43 The All-Wet Insulting Tip: leaving tip under an inverted glass of water

47 Part Two: High, Wide and Handy
49 The Grand Rubber Band Mystery: stunt
52 Snuffing a Cigarette on a Fine Silk Scarf: without damaging the silk
55 Cutting the Deck with One Hand: flourish
58 The Classic Deck Flip: flourish
61 Pop Goes the Bracelet: appears to penetrate the finges
65 The Ring and the String: freeing a ring from a string between the fingers
68 The Pearl of India Affinity Test: drawing on sugar cube appears on spectator's palm
71 Whistling Through Grass: how to
74 The Truth Behind the False Knot
77 An Old Switcheroo: two corks appear to penetate each other
80 Mastering the French Drop: small object vanish
83 Four Impressive Shadow Pictures
88 Rolling a Coin Across Your Knuckles
91 Do-It-Yourself Decapitation: string through neck
96 Spare Change?: coin stunt off elbow
100 Two Tricks for a Buck: breaking a pencil with a bill, and finding a mushroom
103 Off with Your Thumb!: physical stunt
107 Crushing a Beer Can with Your Bare Hand: how to
110 Whistling with Two Fingers: how to
113 How to Be Very, Very Incombustible: hold a lit cigarette between your fingers without burning

117 Part Three: Arts and Crafty
119 How to Make Custom-Made Money: gag with real bills and a check book
121 The Show-Off Paper Airplane: a clever paper airplane
125 Growing a Carrot Upside Down: how to
129 The Newspaper Tree: paper cutting
131 Secrets of the Water Bomb: folding a paper cube
135 Stepping Through a Small Piece of Paper: trick
138 The Poor Man’s Instant Camera: making a comedy paper camera
142 World’s Greatest Cat’s Cradle: fun with string
146 The Art of Self-Uglification: a few costume ideas

149 Part Four: So You Want to Be a Stuntman
151 A Drugstore Cowboy Lassos an Ice Cube: challenge
155 How to Be a Twenty-Card Wizard: card trick
159 The Calculated Show-Off: with a calculator
162 A Ridiculous Test of Strength: a story and a small challenge
165 The Enchanted Boat: challenge to get a small boat to float in the middle of cup
168 How to Push a Pencil with Your Mind: pencil rolls on table as if by magnetic force
171 Taking Off Your Vest Without Taking Off Your Coat: stunt
175 How to Receive Brain Messages: phone book test
178 Blowing Smoke Rings: how to
180 Your Basic Jew’s Harp Instruction: how to play one
184 What Makes Sammy Hustle?: pool table stunts
187 A New Trick for an Old Bottle: challenge

190 Acknowledgments
191 About the Authors