Ferrentino, John: Comedy Clubs for All Magicians
©1984 John Ferrentino, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched-5.5x8.5", 52 pages
Comedy Clubs for All Magicians
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John Ferrentino: Comedy Clubs for All Magicians


Contents (from book ToC):

2 Introduction
5 Comedy Clubs: General background, show structure, salaries
6 How to get Started: finding a club, setting up an audition
7 Selling Yourself: pictures, video tapes, showcasing, agents
11 Comedy Club Ethics: borrowing material, adapting material, stealing material
14 Appearance: proper dress for comedy clubs, and why
16 Stage Time: importance of set times, flashing
17 The Master of Ceremonies: function of the M.C., general rules
19 Physical Aspects: mikes, mike clips, lights, portability
24 Room Types: physical layouts, sight lines
28 The Audience: different nights, different crowds
31 Profanity: Do's and Don'ts
32 Auditions: personal auditions, club auditions
33 Don't Give Up!: maintaining proper attitude, failure, and success
34 The Future: being in the right place at the right time, opportunit knocks
35 John Ferrentino Thru the Ages: photo chronology
38 100+ Comedy Clubs: national list of comedy clubs
52 Acknowledgements