Keith Fields: If Ever a Wiz There Was 2
Fields, Keith: If Ever A Wiz There Was 2
©2016 Keith Fields
Keith Fields: If Ever a Wiz There Was 2
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Comments: The second in a series.

Contents (Effects listed from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Water Poi: trick with water and loads of laughter
2 The Birthday Test: How do you know you have the right birthday child?
3 The Bill in the Box of Mystery: A classic plot with some extra twists
4 The Great Golf Game: Combine an Egg Bag with a Chop Cup
5 The Bungee Hat: comedy bit
6 Crazy Glue: bit of business that can be a routine on its own or a running gag.
7 Bucket Head Twister: How to make a $2000 illusion for about $20
8 Cut and Restored Rope: ‘go to’ routine for any children's show
9 T&R Balloon: The title says it all
10 The Clown with No Nose: A simple game with a magical twist
11 The Bucket and Pole: A stunt that goes horribly wrong