Aaron Fisher: The Graduate
Fisher, Aaron: The Graduate
©2010 Aaron Fisher Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 30 pages
Aaron Fisher: The Graduate
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Comments: Photos by Wayne Houchin. After causing a selection to instantaneously rise to the top of the pack, the magician repeats the effect, this time in slow motion, allowing the spectators to watch as the card visibly moves upward through the deck.

Available as an eBook with video download from Aaron Fisher Magic

Contents (from book ToC, page numbers after 22 estimated):

1 Preface
2 Introduction (Jim Steinmeyer)
4 The Effect
4 The Setup
7 - The Gradual Shift
21 Origins and Credits
22 Thoughts and Commentary
23 On the Gradual Shift
23 On Keeping the Gradual Shift in Alignment
24 On the Moment
24 Timing The Classical Pass
25 The Gradual Shift Approach
26 Toward an Even More Deceptive Sift
27 On the Right-Hand Riffle Action
28 Alternate Approaches
30 Afterword