Fisher, Aaron: The Paper Engine
2002 Hermetic Press
Hardcover, 126 pages
The Paper
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Comments: (Wolfgang, Mike Kamlet). Illustrations by Damon Webster. Good little book with lots of descriptions for techniques (passes, controls) as well some some great effects


9 Introduction: John Thompson
11 Preface

13 Technique
15 The Gravity Half Pass: Aaron's work on the half-pass
21 A Simple Sandwich: Sandwich effect using the half-pass
24 A Half Pass Variation:
26 Revolver:  Aaron's variation on James Lewis's Inversion plot
29 The One - Handed Popover: version of J.K Hartman's popover where a card jumps faceup from the deck
33 Hello Goodbye: a card visually leaps from one place to another
35 Pinch Me, I Think Im Falling: variation of Darryl's "In a pinch"
36 The Nowhere Pass: handling of bluff pass to control a card
41 Additional Handlings
43 Bluff Replacement Subtlety: more work on bluff pass
46 The Advanced Nowhere Pass: more work on bluff pass
48 The Illusion Control: combines bluff pass and depth illusion
52 The Outjog Herrmann Pass
55 The Academic Outjog Herrmann Pass: theory on the pass
57 The Undercover Switch: method to switch outjogged cards as they are stripped
57 Dont Fear the Reaper: switching cards under the deck
61 The Forced Undercover Switch: switching cards under the deck
62 Simpatico: four cards are outjogged randomly and are found to be four of a kind
63 Four by Four: four cards are outjogged randomly and are found to be four of a kind
64 The Under Control Switch: another switch with a face up deck
66 A Useful Switch: a switch for cards that have already been removed from pack
69 Decking the Top: replacing a palmed card on top of deck
72 A Diminishing Lift: making all lifts look the same
75 The All Together Now Shift: A multiple shift

79 Magic
81 The Omen: variation of jumping Gemini from Darwin Ortiz
85 Golden Nugget: 4 queens lost in the deck and reappear
87 Advanced Handling
90 2001, an Ace Odyssey: Ace assembly
94 Three Kings: Four cards are removed from deck, a card is selected and shuffled back into the deck.  One of the removed cards is chosen and the selected card is found by counting down in the deck.  The remainder of the removed cards are found to match the selection (i.e. Kings)
97 Revolution No. 9: selected card turns face up and deck turns face down, visibly
101 Helter Skelter: Blue back selected card turns red, then back to blue, but deck turns red - visibly
104 Search and Destroy: slow-motion sandwich effect where the spectator does the work
107 A Star is Born: 5 cards are removed and one is selected.  They are put back reverse in the deck, but when the deck is spread only the selected is reversed
110 The Tax Man: variation on the collectors plot
114 The Standing Challenge: performer names a card and the spectator indicates that the card should appear on top of bottom of deck
116 The Long and Winding Trick: 4 Aces lost in the deck.  Performer finds 4 cards, none an Ace, but 4 piles are formed and the top of each pile is an Ace
119 Here, There, and Everywhere: cards to pocket effect