John Fisher: The Magic of Lewis Caroll
Fisher, John (editor): The Magic of Lewis Carroll
©1973 John Fisher, Simon and Schuster, NY
Hardcover, w/dj, 6x9.5", 288 pages

©1975 Penguin Books
Softcover, perfect-bound
John Fisher: The Magic of Lewis Carroll
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John Fisher: The Magic of Lewis Carroll
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Comments: A collection of mathematics, puzzles, riddles, and tricks by or inspired by the writings and work of Lewis Carroll.

Contents (from book): 

7 Introduction

19 Mazes and Labyrinths
21 Facts
22 Where Does the Day Begin?
25 The Two Clocks Paradox
27 Court Circular: card game
30 Disintegrating Fan
31 Watch Wizardry: smashed and restored
32 A Hole Through The Centre of the Earch
34 Four Times Five is Twelve: on number scales
35 Thimble Thaumaturgy
38 Smoke Rings and Caterpillars
39 Wine That Isn't There
40 Flower Painting: making flowers different colors
41 Biting Out of a Teacup: gag
42 Castle Croquet: version of the game
45 Enigma: a riddle
46 Double Acrostics
50 The Alphabet-Cipher
53 Anagrams
55 Flower Riddle
58 The Three Squares: drawing with one line without tracing over existing line
60 Double Acrostic
61 Puzzles from Wonderland
67 The Coin And the Ball of Wool: vanished coin found within
70 Through a Looking Glass: mirror words
77 Levitation
78 Shopping Dilemma: challenge
79 The Upright Egg: puzzle
80 The Secret of Haigha's Bag: the Egg Bag
84 A Looking-Glass Apple: apple is cut before peeling
85 Looking-Glass Chess: Chess problems
89 The Knight's Tour: hitting all the spaces with the knight
92 A Geometrical Paradox
98 Tanagrams
100 The Four Colour Map Problem
103 Arithmetical Croquet
105 The Square Window: puzzle
107 Hoax Riddle
108 Acrostics to Old Friends
109 Anagrammatic Sonnet
111 Charade One
111 The Fox, Goose, and Bag of Corn
112 The Jealous Husbands
114 Charade Two
117 The Queen's Basket Escape
118 Memoria Technica
121 Flash Riddle
123 Lanrick: game
128 Charade Three
130 Doublets: puzzle
140 Cats and Rats: puzzle
143 Mischmasch: game
142 A Tangled Tale: intro to Knots
143 Knot One - Excelsior
148 Knot Two - Eligible Apartments
150 Knot Three - Mad Mathesis
151 Knot Four - The Dead Reckoning
152 Knot Five - Oughts and Crosses
153 Knot Six - Her Radiancy
155 Knot Seven - Petty Cash
156 Knot Eight - De Omnibus Rebus
158 Knot Nine - A Serpent With Corners
161 Knot Ten - Chelsea Buns
163 The Game of Logic
181 A Day for Any Date: finding the day of the week for any given date
183 Isa's Ghost: color optical illusion
185 Handkerchief Mouse
188 The Mystery of the Cheshire Cat's Grin: and a game
194 Circular Biliards
197 Origami
206 A Postal Problem: puzzle
208 Syzygies: working one word into another
214 The Nyctograph: a notebook
217 Rab - Ymra - ?: riddle
219 Pillow-Problems
228 The Monkey and the Weight
230 Fortunatus's Purse: a paper fold
234 Backgammon Variations
236 A Logical Paradox
240 A State of Puzzlement
241 Spelling Out the Cards: trick
244 Money-Sum Puzzle
245 Mr. C. & Mr. T.: trick drawings
248 The Snark Was a Boojum
250 What the Tortoise Said to Achilles: logical paradox
254 A Magic Number
255 Three Right Angled Triangles
256 Nose Trick: penetration illusion
258 Brandy and Water: puzzle
259 Currency Conundrum
260 Predicting the Total: prediction trick
262 Numerical Roundabout: number stunt
262 A Mechanical Humpty Dumpty
266 The Crocodile and the Baby
268 Pepper's Ghost
271 Solutions
274 Afterword
276 Bibliography
280 Acknowledgements
282 Index