John Fisher: Tommy Cooper's Mirth, Magic and Mischief
Fisher, John (editor): Tommy Cooper's Mirth, Magic & Mischief
©2010 John Fisher and the Tommy Cooper Estate
Published by Preface Publishing, imprint of Random House Group Ltd.
Softcover, 164 pages
ISBN: 978-1-84809-203-7
John Fisher: Tommy Cooper's Mirth, Magic &
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Comments: A collection of jokes, tricks, stunts, and challenges

Contents (from book):

1 Magic...It's Like Christmas!: introduction
19 Now Here's a Little Trick I'd Like to Show You Now...
21 Find the Lady: card trick
23 Animal Magic: joke
24 After-Dinner Tommy: comedy speech
27 The Floating Sausage: optical illusion
28 The Eggs and Glasses: physical stunt
32 Try it Yourself: similar stunt
33 Tommy's One-liners: jokes
34 Newer Play Cards with Strangers: key card trick
35 It's Impossible!: wagers
38 Impressions: visual hat impressions
42 Up in the Air: physical stunt
44 Laughter Miscellany One: jokes
45 The Riddle Sketch
48 Riddle-Me-Ree: riddle magic
51 In All Directions: bar bet
52 Tommy's Laughter Medicine
53 Cooper's Crazy Compass: cardboard compass trick
57 Up the Garden Path: number gag
59 Holiday Time: comedy sketch
60 Topsy-Turvy Tumblers: betcha
62 How to make a Handkerchief Dance: handkerchief fold
64 The Unpoppable Balloon: trick
66 ‘By Royal Appointment': stamp "vanishes" under a glass
68 Tommy's Mad Tea Party: puzzles and tricks
72 Going Up - Ladies' Underwear: handkerchief fold
74 Cooper's Propeller: with cigarette paper
75 Ghoulish Tommy: three bizarre magic stunts
78 Meet The Wife: jokes
80 Victorian Cooper: walking through a postcard
82 Tipsy Tommy: balancing stunt
84 Drop Everything!: more balancing
85 Where did the Ducks Go?: gag
86 Laughter Miscellany Two: jokes
87 Betcha Can't: a few more challenges
90 Into Thin Air: flyaway coin
92 Billcatcher: betcha
93 Tearaway Tommy: betcha paper tear
94 Comedy Levitation: exposed
97 The World Famous Shirt Trick: removing the spectator's shirt
98 Fruity Cooper: fruit cut before peeling
100 More One-Liners
101 A Memory Trick: with three cards
103 Cooper's Patent Alarm Clock
104 Gourmet Cooper: jokes
105 See-through Cooper: Optical illusion
106 Topsy-Turvy Money: bill stunt
108 The Invisible Hair: moves a handkerchief
109 Back in the Jungle: joke
111 Back at the Bar: bechtas
114 Spooky Cooper: gag
116 A Bricklayer's Conundrum: how to carry multiple bricks
117 Ping!: safety pin penetration
118 Mischievous Matches: stunts
120 Down Memory Lane: paper cutting story
123 Laughter Miscellany Three
124 Holding the Babies: comedy bit for a single man
126 Tommy and The Magic Circle: gag
128 Cooper for Christmas: jokes
131 It Never Fails!: 3 1/2 of clubs
133 Tommy's Mad House: gag wallpaper tear, other gags
135 Cooper's Helpful Hints: jokes
138 Egg, Bag - Bag, Egg: brief egg bag interlude
140 Tramps and Chickens: with coins
142 A Dove Story: gag
143 Laughter Miscellany Four
144 Meet the Wife Again
145 Animal Crackers
146 The Mind-Reading Duck: Tommy's presentation
149 Tommy's Repeat Prescription: more jokes
152 Smoker's Corner: cigarette gags
156 The Bottle & Glass Trick: Tommy's presentation
161 Get Out ot That!: gag
162 Acknowledgements