Fleischer, Adam: The Magic Hedonists Brainstorm In The Bahamas
©1983 The Magic Hedonists, H.I.P. Productions, CO
Hardcover, w/dj, 110 pages
The Magic Hedonists
              Brainstorm In The Bahamas
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Comments:  Technical Illustrations by Joseph Wierzbicki; Art by Chuck Trout. Starring Michael Ammar, Daryl, Adam Fleischer, and Paul Harris

Contents (from book ToC):

6 Introduction
8 Dedication
9 To Be a Hedonist
12 The Jokers & Mr. T.
19 A Card Well Hung
25 Cut & Restored Hair

29 Becoming a Magic Hedonist
39 The Hedonists Make Up All the Rules

45 From Slush to Sun
46 Quick Trip
49 Spot Remover

53 Experiencing Hedonism
55 CardCuffs
57 Happy Card
61 Optical Disadvantage
64 $5 Climax

69 We Settle In
72 The Bent Copper-Silver Transposition
75 Regeneration
79 Fingertip Flyers

84 The Hedonists Relocate
86 The Un-Box
89 Coin From Pen Cap

97 The End of the Beginning
98 Vernon's Four Ace Sand Trick
100 A Hefty Penetration
104 Freeze Dried Flame
108 Free Lunch!