Fleischman, Sid & Bob Gunther: Top Secrets
©1947 Lloyd E Jones, Magic Ltd, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 55x85", 18 pages
Top Secrets
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Fleischman & Gunther: Top Secrets



5 The Rattled Rogue
6 The Vest-Pocket Hindu Rope Trick
6 Thumbing A Lift
7 Master Observation
8 Spy Stuff
19 Bunk and Bunco
10 Bit of Business for Cards to Pocket
10 Fingertips
11 Burnt Toast
12 The F & G Torn Newspaper Method
13 An Egg in the Hand
14 Bit of Business for the Linking Rings
14 The Test Coin Vanish
15 The F & G Fancy Shuffle
16 Whiskey Glass Swindle
17 The F & G One-Handed Top Seal
17 The Suspended Ring