Flosso, Jackie (editor): Close-Up Magic of the Masters
©1985 (circa) Jackie Flosso, Flosso Hornmann Magic Co.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 33 pages
Flosso: Close Up Magic of the Masters
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Jackie Flosso: Close-Up Magic of the Masters

Comments: Jackie was the son of Al Flosso. "Pet secrets of Dai Vernon, Slydini, John Scarne, Dr. Daley, Ross Bertram, Bert Allerton, Francis Carlyle, Leo Horowitz, Al Baker, Emil Jarrow, Nate Leipzig, Paul LePaul, and Others". Nicely illustrated and a wide selection of effects.


i Close Up Magic (Bert Allerton): on being a successful close up magician

1 What Makes a Trick (Al Baker): essay on improving your magic, with two examples
2 Bottoms Down (Al Baker): magician knocks the bottom out of a glass and restores it
3 Mobilizing the Aces (Dai Vernon): simple and advanced versions of the four Ace trick
5 Ball, Cone and Handkerchief (Dai Vernon): ball, cone, and handkerchief routine
6 Convening Kings (Francis Carlyle): four Kings come together using a borrowed deck
8 The Squeeze-Away Coin (Ross Bertram): a coin vanish
9 And The Part of a Garment (Emil Jarrow): a coin vanish and re-appearance using sleeving
9 Static Cling (Emil Jarrow): two stunts using static electricity
10 Card Effect With Two Packs (Nate Leipzig): magician removes duplicates from two decks
11 The Disconcerting Coins (Cliff Green): coin trick using a half dollar and English Penny
12 Precognition (Cliff Green): magician predicts serial number of chosen bill
13 Scarne's Power of Thought (John Scarne): a sleight of hand version of a card trick prediction found in Scarne on Card Tricks
14 The Coin Roll Vanish (Paul LePaul): coin move
15 The Revolving Pass (Slydini): card placed face up in deck turns face down and is found at the top
16 Jacob's Ladder (Dr. Jacob Daley): acrobatic cards with a borrowed deck
17 The Salt Trick - The Perfect Method (Dr. Jacob Daley): Using a TT
18 Pop-Up Coins (S. Leo Horowitz (Mohammed Bey)): coin production from a silk
19 A Quarter and a Half (S. Leo Horowitz (Mohammed Bey)): a quarter and a half dollar become the same size. Uses a shell.
20 Two New Ball Sleights (George Starke): for small balls
21 The Fist Coin Routine (Arthur Punnar): coins vanish and reappear as pushed into the fist
22 A New Card Change (Tommy Dowd): a card is changed for another while held tightly on a table by a spectator
23 The Kaplan Coin Transposition: silver and copper tranpose under a handkerchief
25 Wandering Walnuts (Joseph Keen): a walnut is vanished, reappears, and multiplies
26 Name Your Number (Bert Allerton): a selected card is used to find another selection
27 A Chinese Classic - Coins Through the Table (Dai Vernon): four coins pass thru table to join the others. Uses 8 half dollars and one gold novetly coin, no gimmicks
28 A Knotty Interlude: with handkerchief
29 A Rope Cutting Tie-Up (Francis J. Rigney): scissors thrown at the rope is instantly tied on it
29 Thumb-Palm (Francis J. Rigney): for coins
30 The New Thimble Vanish (Francis J. Rigney): uses a thimble and a rubber thumb tip
31 Novel Card and Cigarette Trick (Lu Brent): card in cigarette
31 Magicana: a quote and a magic tip
32 Ballantine Color Change (The Amazing Ballantine): quick card change in the hand
33 Table Magic: essay on
Bert Allerton, Paul Rosini, and Dr. Sydney Ross