Forrest, Albert: The Eighth Wonder
Magic for Smart Magicians
©1940 (circa) Albert Forrest
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 41 pages
Forrest: The
              Eights Wonder
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Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Chapter I Stage and Club Effects
2 A Flash Production
3 Visible Production Cage
4 A Modern Miser's Dream
5 A Handy Little Switching Cabinet
6 Bang! Off Goes a Bunny
7 A Self Lighting Cigarette
8 The Artistic Touch
9 The Spirit Bottle

10 Chapter II Comedy Effects
11 A Novel Tearing Effect
12 Foxy Felix A Sucker Effect
13 A Sucker Thimble Effect
14 Just a Little Fun
15 When Stronger Methods Must Be Used
16 A Comedy Watch Effect Forrest Version
17 Burning a Borrowed Necktie

18 Chapter III Mental Effects
19 The Prophesy of Enaj
20 Mental Selection
21 A Suggested Routine
22 A Whisper From Hades
23 The Ghostly Hand
24 The Buzzer of Mystery
25 The Modern Way to Read Questions

26 Chapter IV Card Effects
27 The Predicition of V.K.
28 The Prediction of the Monklands
29 The Prediction of a Mob
30 Fight
31 An Easy Speller
32 The Mollison Card
33 The Monkland Rising Card