Foster, Neil (Editor): Tops 1962 Trick Annual
©1962 Abbott Magic Manufacturing Company, Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 32 pages
Tops 1962 Trick
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Comments: Glossy cover.

Contents (from book ToC, updated Feb 2018)

3 Phonovision (Tom Palmer): stage illusion where TV announcer performs tricks, then TV changes to phone booth and performer steps out
6 The Magic Mirror (Sid Lorraine): three cards are revealed, one to a spectator who sees it in a mirror
8 Repeat Vanishing Silk Routine (Percy Abbott): using a pull
9 Abbott's Short and Sweet: clever card trick with a double-facer
10 Bird Cage To Silk (Bob Lewis): with the vanishing bird cage
11 Flash Appearance of Two Bouquets: using IT
11 Feather Bouquets, Various Methods For Production
12 Rice's Sympathetic Silks E-Z Knot Release (Harold R. Rice): two knots pass from three silks to three others
14 Walking Through A Steel Plate Illusion: for stage
15 Louine's Egg Bag Routine (Harry Louine): combining the liquid trick "Squash" with an Egg Bag
16 Rajah Turban Mystery: a cut and restored turban trick
17 Club Performer's Spook Act: mysterious things happen behind a screen though performer's arms are tied
18 Original Conception for the Hindu Cups (Eddie Joseph): with B&W photographs
20 Travel (Gerald Kosky): mentalism routine around steam-ship travel
22 Climax Blue Phantom (Tommy Windsor): a climax for this commercial checkers trick
23 Kid Show Chapeau (Tommy Windsor): performing Chapeaugraphy with your child assistant
24 Fox's 'Fool-Eroid' Camera (Karrell Fox): fun rabbit production
25 Stage Deportment (Neil Foster): article on presentation
26 With The Okito Coin Box (Carlos H. Colombi): coin loading move
27 Balloon-Egg-Card Trick (Carlos H. Colombi): card is torn and destroyed, a selected balloon is popped to produce and egg, and the restored card minus corner is found within
28 Silks And Bag Trick: silks vanish and become attached to a ribbon in a paper bag
29 Mel's Confuso (Howard Melson): finding the selection using a short card
30 Zella's Amazing Discovery: newspaper prediction that might not work today, but an additional effect that would
31 Just A Couple Of Old Ones (L.E. Roba Collins): throwing a coin through a hat; hoo coin vanish
32 Esper Unlimited (Thomas Jorgenson): blindfold act