Fox, Karrell: Magic As A Hobby
©1947 R.A. Nelson, Nelson Enterprises, Ohio
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 27 pages
Magic As a Hobby
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Comments: A booklet of magic quickies. I wonder if Karrell Fox really "wrote" this, or if he just allowed his name to be used?


4 Karrell Fox - King of Korn: biography
5 It's Fun to Fool People!:
6 Cold Fire: ice lights a candle
6 Pop Bottle Spooks: dime jumps on bottle top
6 Betch-Ya: remove coin without touching glass
6 Detachable Thumb: gag
7 Prophecy In Numbers: number trick
7 To Find a Chosen Card
7 Smoke Your Own: cigarette gag
7 The Restored Match: in handkerchief
8 The Spinning Egg: stunt
8 The Tell-Tale Watch: time prediction
8 Telepathic Card Trick
8 It's Impossible: long pencil out of short purse
8 Funny Fruit: math puzzle
9 Non-Inflammable Cloth: cigarette doesn't burn it
9 Fire-Proof!: cigarette doesn't burn your fingers
9 Match That Burns Twice: gag
9 Flame Proof Hands: match doesn't burn fingers
9 Floating Sugar: sugar seems to float in coffee cup
9 Match-It: lighting a match on the shoe
10 Cigarette From Nowhere: from match box
10 Magnetic Matches: matches float on water
10 The Flying Ace: Ace of Diamonds vanishes
10 The Kicker Trick: card trick
10 Mind Over Matter: mind reading gag
11 The Spirit Speaks: initial on sugar appears on palm
11 Extraordinary Memory: naming cards one at a time
11 Knotty Cigarette: how to tie in a knot without breaking
12 Presto-Lite: relighting one match with another
12 Magic Pill Box: 3 beans to six
12 Old Army Game: rattle box gag
13 Jumping Selected Card: selection jumps out of a hat
13 Mind Reading: article detection with a confederate
13 Head on Beer Truck: stunt
13 Multiplying Coins: as they are brushed from the table
13 Obedient Match Box: on back of hand
14 Seeing Is Believing: optical illusions
16 Arrange the Matches: match puzzle
16 A Mental Problem: match puzzle
16 5 Plus 6 Equal 9: match puzzle
16 A Fooler: gag
16 Seeing is Believing Solutions
17 Card Reading: determine card in the card case
17 The Standing Match: balance match
17 Deceptive Ice: gag
17 Balancing Playing Card: glass on card
17 A Dime Bet: drop a dime into a bottle
18 The Elastic Hole: quarter passes through dime sized hole
18 The Jumping Card: from deck
18 Smoke Cocktail: pouring smoke
19 A Prediction Supreme: with invisible ink
19 Bet'Cha: gag
19 Magnetic Cigar: clings to hand
19 A Clever Coin Trick: stunt
20 Mind Reading With Pennies: with war-time penny
20 Mind Reading with Cards
20 Multiplying Paper Wads
20 When Do You Work?: math trick/gag
20 Topsy Turvey Glasses: puzzle
21 X-Ray Eyes: How to do blindfold tricks
21 The Spirit Ring: bracelet appears on rope between wrists
21 Vanishing Coin: in handkerchief
21 Burning Lump of Sugar
21 Facts About Playing Cards
22 The Hypnotic Cigarette: rises
22 A Mind Reading Feat: with coins
22 The String and the Straw: cut and restored
22 The Initial Trick: transfers from paper to match head
22 The Magic Pencil: gag
23 Hydrostatic Glass: water doesn't pour out
23 To Break a Pencil with a Dollar Bill: stunt
23 Dead Man's Finger: gag
23 Salt in Beer: salt penetrates up into glass
23 Lighted Candle From Pocket
23 Try This One: puzzle
24 Magnetic Dice: stick to each other
24 Move the Money: coin puzzle
24 Your Head Travels Farthest: amazing fact
24 Match This One: match trick
24 The Hidden Coin: magician tells who held the coin
24 A Silly Problem: riddle
25 Lighted Cigarette From Box
25 Did You Know?: Playing card fact
25 The Weeping Eagle: a quarter cries
25 Triangle of Matches: puzzle
25 1 From 4 Leaves 5: puzzle
25 How Much Do You Save? math puzzle
26 Match Making Puzzle
26 One Continuous Line: puzzle
26 The Dolbear Formula: cricket temperature
26 It's Your Nickel: gag
26 The Tailor's Scissors: puzzle
26 A Winning Wager: card bet
27 The Wandering $5 Bill: Bill on bottom moves to top
27 Topsy Turvey Dollar: bill turns upside down
27 How Many Birthdays? Riddle
27 Synthetic Christmas Tree: paper fold
27 Guess the Date: determine date of coin covered with paper
28 Back Cover: advertisement for Paul Powers magic