Fox, Karrell: New Trix for '86
©1986 Karrell Fox
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 9 pages
Karrell Fox: New
              Trix for '86
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Comments: Low-production quality lecture notes, but some good items. Descriptions are brief and to the point.


i Introduction (Karrell Fox)
1 Bo-Cane: Cane to Flower idea
2 Balloon Popper: Kid's show comedy presentation
3 Read-A-Page: Magician memorizes page of a magazine
4 Flash-Strip: instant torn and restored paper strip
5 Silk 'N Ring: bracelet size ring penetrates silk
6 Pack O'Silk: Silk is vanished and found in a previously full cigarette box
7 E.Z.S.P.: Magician predicts which ESP card is chosen
8 Klipper: Yarn with paper clip is lowered into bag, and brings out card selection
9 A Live Hat: Gag where a raccoon turns into a Boone hat