Philip Foxwell: Missionary Magician Philip Foxwell
Foxwell, Philip: Missionary Magician Philip Foxwell
©1989 Philip Foxwell, William Carey Library
Softcover, prefect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 83 pages
ISBN 0878082271
Philip Foxwell: Missionary Magician
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Comments: the adventures of a Missionary magician around the world.

Contents (from book ToC):

v Acknowledgements
vii Introduction: Living the Good Life

1 Dreams Turn to Reality
11 Going Professional
23 Years of Laughter, "Bloopers” & Miracles
32 Learning to Follow the Lord
40 Stunts & Scholarship
51 Ai—Kekkon - Love—Marriage
59 Magic in Japan
69 Magicianaries
77 Discovering God's Best for You