Frailich, Ariel: Card Stories
1996, 1997, by Ariel Frailich, Published by I Saw That!
Hardcover, 84 pages
Frailich: Card

Comment: Card tricks with interesting presentations. Even if the trick descriptions sound like old standards, they are all dressed up with interesting presentations. That's what makes this book interesting.


ix Forward (by Jay Sankey)
xi Preface

1 Short Stories
2 D.I.Y. Ambitious Card. Interesting presentation about gardening for a classic.
9 Royal Burial. Kings in deck turn over--story about kings' death.
12 Fax it to Me! Quick trick with fax machine presentation.

17 Feature Stories.
18 Superman! Clark Kent becomes Superman and saves the damsel (a.k.a. the selected card)
21 The Gunslinger. Card to Mouth. Recreation of scene from Blazing Saddles.
25 Another Exception Selection. Spectator selects red card from group of black cards.
29 Dust Collectors. Collectors plot with puns galore.
33 Splittin' Image. Double meaning on split: blackjack and cards "splitting".
37 Spy Story. Like Lorayne's "Card Through Table", with spy story plot.
42 The Insurance Policy. Standard Insurance Policy trick.
46 The Cannibals and the Witch Doctor. Extension of Walton's "Cannibal Cards".
52 If I Were a Real Magician... Funny presentation of little boy vs. magician.
56 No Bad Cards. Revelation of three selected cards, with trained cards.

61 Other Stories
62 Breathless. Story about gangs. Cut to aces, find kings, then all other cards, in order. By Tom Baxter.
69 The Amateur and the Professional. Revelation of two cards, with nice story about difference between amateur and professional magician. By Jay Sankey.
72 Hologramagic. Odd trick about a hologram card that is ripped. By Tom Ransom.

77 No Story
78 Point of No Return. Frailich's signature trick.