Francis, Douglas: Right Under Your Nose
©1947 Jack Hughes, Harry Stanley, Arthur Dowler
Studio of Unique Magic, Piccadilly
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x8", 36 pages

©1984 Supreme Magic Co., U.K.
Francis: Right Under Your Nose
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Right Under Your Nose
Supreme Edition
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Douglas Francis: Under Your Nose



5 Preface (John Ramsay)
7 Foreword (Douglas Francis)

8 Perfect Coin Transposition: penny and half-crown transpose in magician's hands
12 Coin Through the Hand: English penny transfers up through the hand
14 Change Given: spectator is given choice of a bill or what he thinks are three quarters (half-crowns) but turn out to be five
16 Have a Scotch: production and vanish of a shotglass of Whiskey
19 Chameleon Thimbles: four thimble routine using 1 eash of 4 different colors
22 The “Fountain” Pen: a pen drips water
24 Duo-Coincido: magician and spectator select same value card, then another match when number and suit matches another selection
28 “Fooi-Zum” Colour Change: spectator thinks they catch card color change, but changed card appears face up in middle of deck
30 “Flip” Card Discovery: snappy card reveal
32 Cards in the Mail: cards don't change places, but the stamps put on them do
35 Conclusion