Friedhoffer, Bob: Magic Tricks, Science Facts
1990 Franklin Watts. Illustrated by Richard Kaufman
Softcover, perfect-bound, 126 pages
Freidhoffer: Magic Tricks, Science Facts
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Comments: A beginner's book I borrowed from the local library. Includes some commercial-type effects such as Acrobatic Matchbox, the Chop Cup, and Mystic Sands. Some of the "connections" with science are stretching it a bit in my opinion, but the book provides some good beginner magic.


15 A Note to Parents and Teachers
17 Preface
19 Introduction

23 Physics
25 Haunted Matchbox: a matchbox seems to come alive in the hand and can be inspected at the end.
30 Rising Ring: on pencil (IT)
33 Mystic Tubes of Cairo: Two tubes are shown with strings run through them. One tube can stop on command, the other stops and actually rises back up the string.
39 The Strength of Four: A stunt in which the magician pulls two broomsticks together with rope despite four spectators trying to hold them apart.
42 Old Salt's Card Trick: Salt is poured on a deck, and the deck separates at the selected card
46 Can You Catch It? Nice stunt, especially when combined with the next one. Deck is tossed to spectator without flying apart
49 The Great Escape: Card is selected & returned. Magician throws deck again, but one card falls to the ground: the selection.
54 Hydrostatic Glass: Water remains suspended in glass covered with card and turned over. At the magician's command, all the water pours out.
56 The Ever Popular Floating Balloon (uses a fan)
62 Cold Control: Magician makes water go below freezing
64 Law Breaking Paper Clips: magnet magic
67 Chop Chop's Cup: How to make your own and a simple routine (no final load)

73 Math
75 Can You Count? Spectator can't count right (cute stunt)
77 Fourth Dimensional Sculpture: Optical illusion you can cut out
81 21 Card Trick: Cards are eliminated until only selection remains
85 Match Game: Game of Nim and how to always win

87 Betchas
87 Phone Book Proposition 1: Bet 2 matches out of 20
88 Phone Book Proposition 2: Bet no matches out of 40!
88 Birthday Proposition: Bet 2 people with same birthday out of 40

91 Chemistry
93 Ghost in the Glass: Ghosty mist appears in glass (hydrochloric acid & ammonium hydroxide)
96 Mystic Sands: Water turns black, sand placed in bowl and mixed. Sand is removed dry, and water turns clear, nothing else is seen in bowl
101 Signed in Blood: Magician's arm is cut and he signs paper in the blood
104 Bloody Fingerprint: Spectators touch envelope with wet fingers. Bloody fingerprint reveals the guilty envelope!

107 Physiology
109 Heartbeat of a Fakir: you slow and stop your heartbeat
112 Human Bondage: a spectator's (stooge) body becomes rigid and suspended between chairs

117 Conclusion
119 For Further Reading (science books)
121 Suppliers (science and magic suppliers)