Friedhoffer, Bob: The Magic Show - A Guide for Young Magicians
1994 Bob Friedhoffer. Published by The Millbrook Press
Hardcover, w/dj, 80 pages
ISBN: 1-56294-355-3
Friedhoffer: The
              Magic show
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comment: Illustrated by Linda Eisenberg. Mr. Friedhoffer puts out a nice series of children's magic books. This is yet another one I borrowed from our local Public Library. He provides more than just an effect, but also includes guidance on presentation, and the writing style is light and entertaining. He also usually includes a few "professional" level effects rather than just your run-of-the-mill kids level tricks. Only teaches one card force, however, the criss-cross force.


5 Chapter 1: Put on a Magic Show!
5 Planning Your Show: Stage Personality, Selection of Material, Length of Act, Routining, Music, etc.
10 Staging Your Show: Performing Area, Magician's Table (how to build), Servante (how to build), Prop Case, Costumes
14 The Audience: publicity, What to Charge
16 How to Be a Good Magician: Theatre, Mood, Observe, Treat Audience Well, Practice, etc.

20 Chapter 2: Opening Tricks
20 Trick One (Silent) The Appearing Cane: using a curtain rod cover
23 Trick Two (Silent) A Bare-Handed Silk Production: from the hand
26 Trick Three (Silent or Talking) The Silk from Nowhere: pops up from elbow
28 Trick Four (Silent) Silks From an Empty Newspaper: makes use of Servante
31 Trick Five (Silent) Steve Rodman's Shrinking Card: a jumbo card is covered with a newspaper, then the newspaper is pulled away, and the card has changed into a regulation sized deck of cards

34 Chapter 3: Middle Tricks
34 Trick Six (Talking) Sensitive Fingertips: spectator takes a card, then places the entire deck in a paper bag and shakes the bag. The magician reaches into the bag and removes the selection.
37 Trick Seven (Silent) The Vanishing Silk: using a home-made TT
40 Trick Eight (Silent) Rubber Balls from Silk Handkerchiefs: using Servante again
42 Trick Nine (Talking) Bounceless: make your own bounce-no-bounce balls using "Pinky" balls and some sand
45 Trick Ten (Talking) The Marked Coin in the Ball of Yarn: coin is marked and vanished, and it appears in the center of a ball of wound up yarn
50 Trick Eleven (Talking) The Cut and Restored Rope: simple method
53 Trick Twelve (Talking) Torkova's Red, White, and Blue Cards: Red, White, and Blue Cards are placed into a hat. Red and White cards are removed and placed in a pocket. Red and Blue cards change places.
56 Trick Thirteen (Talking) The Ghost and the Chalkboard. A slate (chalkboard) trick

60 Chapter 4: Closing Tricks
60 Trick Fourteen (Silent) A Silk Vanishing Tube: a silk vanishes when pushed into a paper roll
62 Trick Fifteen (Talking) Meir Yedid's Handy Sack Trick: a number of items are produced from a previously empty paper sack. Clever use of a rubber hand!
65 Trick Sixteen (Talking) The Vanishing Soda Bottle: a nicely gimmicked modern soda bottle vanishes almost visibly
70 Trick Seventeen (Silent) The Shower of Sweets: candy produced from an empty handkerchief
73 Trick Eighteen (Talking) Monticup's Vanishing Cup of Water: a cup is filled with water and placed in a paper sack. The cup "visibly" flys to a 2nd paper sack as the magician transfers the cup by hand. To the audience groans, the magician states he'll make the cup go back. He crushes the 2nd sack demonstrating it empty, then shows the full cup of water in the 1st sack.

77 Glossary
77 Find Out More About Magic: list of Magic Books, Magazines, Clubs, Suppliers
79 Index
80 Acknowledgments, About the Author