Fulves, Karl: Card Counting
©1982 Karl Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
Card Counting
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Comments: From the introduction: "It is reasonable to suppose that card counting got its start in the first card games were devised. Smart players who could keep track of the cards in the early going on, found they could alter their end-game tactic to better advantage if they knew which cards were played early on. Card counting in the context of magic tricks refers to the literal counting of the values of all cards remaining in the deck to ascertain the identity of a missing card. This may go back as far as Hooper's Rational Recreations (1744). Since these tricks depend on counting, if you try to read through the book, you'll quickly acquire that glazed look which signals sensory overload. Card counting is not comic-book simple, but I’ve tried keep the tricks, brief and non-technical."


3 Part One
3 To Tell the Card Drawn (Kunard)
3 To Name a Card Drawn from a Piquet Pack
4 Indexed Poker
5 Digital Version
8 Subtraction Technique (Jordan, Downs)
9 Time Sharing
11 3-Handed Clock
12 Parallex II
15 Commitment

16 Part Two
16 An Amazing Memory (Scarne, Sarles)
20 How It's Done
22 Three Packet Memory
25 Pointed Reminder

27 Part Three
27 Half a Headache (Ken Beale)
33 The Parallel Principle
37 Telephone Puzzler

40 Part Four
40 Novel Memory Trick (Satya Ranjan Roy)
41 SRR & Stebbins
44 Indian Poker
46 Fake Counting
47 Chaser
48 And Counting