Karl Fulves: The Chronices No. 13
Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles No. 13
©1979 Karl Fulves
Softcover, folded manuscript, 8.5x11", 10 pages
Karl Fulves: The Chronicles No. 13

Comments: All issues of The Chronicles were compiled into a Hardcover book edition.


1185 The Problem at Draw (Derek Dingle & Karl Fulves): A poker deal with four Aces that come back, no gimmicks
1189 Letters: a positive review of the fist 12 issues; stealing material
1190 Pin Thru Hank (Richard Durham): safety pin is pulled free of a handkerchief
1191 Notes: on the retrospective column, getting published
1194 Red Blues: Spectator names a suit, which matches only one of four cards that is face up, and the only Ace amongst Kings
1194 Mate Two: Spectator can't reassemble a torn card, but magician can