Fulves, Karl: Curioser
© 1980 Kark Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 61 pages
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Comments: From the introduction: "Compared with their counterparts of half-century ago, contemporary mathematical tricks depend far less on dealing and counting and more on increasingly sophisticated, well-concealed principles for their working. The line of demarcation between the old and the new was the publication, quarter-century ago, of Martin Gardner's Mathematics, Magic and Mystery 1956, the first and still the best treatment of modern mathematical magic. Since that time, and enormous quantity of ingenious new mathematical magic has been published. If Charles Jordan was a giant in the field during the early part of the century, I think it would be fair to say that Bob Hummer has emerged as the leading figure in the years since. His use of formal logic and magical effects has opened the door to remarkable new approaches. The complete Hummer output published in Hummer’s Collected Secrets, represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The present collection began with the idea of doing a book that followed the format of the Gardner book, but the project was too ambitious. What is represented here is one brief chapter, a glimpse of some of the excellent new mathematical magic that is slowly working its way into print."


1 Introduction

2 Geometric Vanishes
2 The Disappearing Rabbit (Paul Curry)
6 Rabbit Reunion (Karl Fulves)
9 The Moving Pip
10 Powerdox (Karl Fulves)
11 Euclid's Vanish (Martin Gardner)
12 The Geometric Slate (Karl Fulves)

13 Jeff Busby Chapter
13 A Reflection Problem
21 The Constant Straight
24 Polar Repulsion Straights
26 The Insane Australian
28 No Commercial Potential

29 Alex Elmsley Chapter
29 Liar's Matrix
30 The Octal Pencil
31 Honesty Test
33 Pack of Lies
34 No Memory
35 And Again
35 Lewry's Lie Detecot
36 Blind Stud
37 Tell Me Three Times
38 Parity Failure

39 Karl Fulves Chapter
39 Gray Codes
42 No Tables, No Charts
43 A Four-Bit Trick
44 Hex Squared
46 Auto Abucus Notes
49 The Auto Abacus Trick
50 Reflection
51 Red Less Black
52 A Gray Code Problem
53 Not Reflected

54 Last Chapter
54 Forced March (Sam Schwartz)
55 The Square Ring (Sam Schwartz & KF)
56 The No-Name Game (Father Cyprian)
59 Parity Notes (Charles Hudson)
60 Unstacked Parity (Roy Walton)