Fulves, Karl: Gambler's Third Lesson
©1979 Karl Fulves, New Jersey
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 5.5x8.5" folded, 16 pages
Gambler's Third Lesson
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Comments (KochMagic): Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt. "The premise of this manuscript is that a layman can better relate to card tricks that have some relevance to their own life. One such case is when the card trick relates to gambling. That's exactly what is presented here. Beginning with School for Swindlers the magician performs with a borrowed shuffled deck. The effect shows how four randomly selected cards can be stacked in the deck. When a poker hand is dealt the spectator is dealt all of the face-up cards. In Gambler's Third Lesson you show how gamblers detect marked cards, you demonstrate how to cheat, and when you turn up the dealer's hand, it contains the four aces. As before, a borrowed well shuffled deck is used."


1 Introduction
3 School for Swindlers
7 Four Aces vs. Royal Flush
7 The Concealed Outcome
8 Note on Stacking
9 The Double Double-Cut
10 Gambler's Third Lesson
14 Marked Card Phase
14 4-Ace Finale
15 Control Points
16 Concluding Notes